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Erdem Coleri

University of California Pavement Research Center

Publications (20 records):

Title Year Series
The Use of Laboratory-Measured and Strain-Gauge Backcalculated Asphalt Stiffness for Rutting Performance Prediction 2019 Reprint
Predicting Excess Vehicle Fuel Use Due to Pavement Structural Response Using Field Test Results and Finite Element Modelling 2019 Reprint
Incremental Rutting Prediction with Asphalt Mixture Shear Properties 2018 Reprint
Energy Dissipation in Concrete Pavements Under Moving Loads Due to Structural Damping 2018 Reprint
Impact of Pavement Structural Response on Vehicle Fuel Consumption 2017 Reprint
Uniaxial Shear Tester – New Test Method to Determine Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures 2017 Reprint
Uniaxial Shear Tester—Test Method to Determine Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures 2017 Reprint
Simulation of Cumulative Annual Impact of Pavement Structural Response on Vehicle Fuel Economy for California Test Sections 2016 Research Report
Superpave Implementation Phase II: Comparison of Performance-Related Test Results 2014 Research Report
Investigation of Layered Elastic Theory Prediction Accuracy for Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design Using Micromechanical Viscoelastic Finite Element Modeling 2013 Reprint
Use of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide and CalME to Mitigate Rutting in Asphalt Overlays of Concrete Pavements 2013 Reprint
Micromechanical Investigation of Open-Graded Asphalt Friction Courses’ Rutting Mechanisms 2013 Reprint
Clogging Evaluation of Open Graded Friction Course Pavements Tested Under Rainfall and Heavy Vehicle Simulators 2013 Reprint
A Fully Heterogeneous Viscoelastic Finite Element Model for Full-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing 2013 Reprint
Implementation of New Quieter Pavement Research: Accelerated Pavement Testing and Laboratory Evaluation of Different Open-Graded Hot-Mix Asphalt Materials 2013 Research Report
Rutting of Rubberized Gap-Graded and Polymer-Modified Dense-Graded Asphalt Overlays in Composite Pavements 2012 Reprint
Development of a Micromechanical Finite Element Model from Computed Tomography Images for Shear Modulus Simulation of Asphalt Mixtures 2011 Reprint
Analysis of Representative Volume Element for Asphalt Concrete Laboratory Shear Testing 2011 Reprint
Evaluation of Laboratory, Construction, and Performance Variability by Bootstrapping and Monte Carlo Methods for Rutting Performance Prediction of Heavy Vehicle Simulator Test Sections 2011 Reprint
A Micromechanical Approach to Investigate Asphalt Concrete Rutting Mechanisms 2011 Reprint