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Jeremy D. Lea

University of California Pavement Research Center

Publications (15 records):

Title Year Series
Updates to CalME and Calibration of Cracking Models 2021 Research Report
Improving Spatial Surrogates for Area Source Emissions Inventories in California 2021 Reprint
Pavement ME Sensitivity Analysis (Version 2.5.3) 2021 Research Report
"A Framework for Selection Between End-of-Life Alternatives at the Project-Level Considering Full Life Cycle Environmental Impacts" chapter in Pavement, Roadway, and Bridge Life Cycle Assessment 2020: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Pavement. Roadway, and Bridge Life Cycle Assessment 2020  2020 Reprint
Spatioâ€Temporal Analysis of Freight Patterns in Southern California 2020 Research Report
Development of a Cracking Performance Prediction Model for Replaced Concrete Slabs in California 2018 Reprint
Simulation of Cumulative Annual Impact of Pavement Structural Response on Vehicle Fuel Economy for California Test Sections 2016 Research Report
Impact of Pavement Roughness on Vehicle Free-Flow Speed 2014 Research Report
A Spatial Analysis of Pavement Variability 2014 Reprint
Using Spatial Statistics to Characterise Pavement Properties 2014 Reprint
Preliminary Results: Measurement of Macrotexture on Surface Treatments and Survey of Bicyclist Ride Quality on Mon-198 and SLO-1 Test Sections 2013 Research Report
Impact of Pavement Roughness on Vehicle Free-Flow Speed 2013 Research Report
Pavement Structure Segmentation Method Based on Results Derived from Ground-Penetrating Radar Data 2013 Reprint
Comprehensive Evaluation of Automated Pavement Condition Survey Service Providers' Technical Competence 2012 Reprint
Reflective Cracking Study: First-Level Report on HVS Testing on Section 589RF - 45 mm MB4-G Overlay 2008 Research Report