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Nicholas Paul Lutsey (

University of California, Davis

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Regulatory Adaptation: Accommodating Electric Vehicles in a Petroleum World 2012 Journal Article
Regulatory and Technology Lead-time: The Case of U.S. Automobile Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards 2012 Journal Article
A Technical Analysis of Model Year 2011 U.S. Automobile Efficiency 2012 Journal Article
Comparison of Emissions, Energy, and Cost Impacts of Diesel and Hybrid Models in the United States in 2010 2011 Journal Article
Cost-Effectiveness Assessment of Low-Carbon Vehicle and Fuel Technologies 2010 Journal Article
Review of Technical Literature and Trends Related to Automobile Mass-Reduction Technology 2010 Research Report
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Assessment of Technologies for Compliance with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard 2009 Research Report
Energy Efficiency in Passenger Transportation 2009 Journal Article
Prioritizing Climate Change Mitigation Alternatives: Comparing Transportation Technologies to Options in Other Sectors 2008 Research Report
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America's Bottom-Up Climate Change Mitigation Policy 2008 Research Report
Canada’s Voluntary Agreement on Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions: When the Details Matter 2007 Journal Article
Assessment of Tire Technologies and Practices for Potential Waste and Energy Use Reductions 2006 Research Report
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Evaluation of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks 2002 Journal Article