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University of California, Davis

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Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Travel Demand and Emissions in California 2023 Journal Article
Brief: Future Connected and Automated Vehicle Adoption Will Likely Increase Car Dependence and Reduce Transit Use Without Policy Intervention 2022 Brief

Travel Behavior Impacts of Transportation Demand Management Policies: May is Bike Month in Sacramento, California

2022 Research Report
Exploring the Factors that Affect the Frequency of Use of Ridehailing and the Adoption of Shared Ridehailing in California 2021 Journal Article
Emissions Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployment in California 2021 Research Report
Fostering the Use of Zero and Near Zero Emission Vehicles in Freight Operations 2020 Research Report
Brief: Experiencing Pilot Demonstrations Helps Individual Acceptance of Self-Driving Shuttles 2020 Brief
Exploring the Role of Attitude in the Acceptance of Self-driving Shuttles 2020 Research Report
Brief: Ride-Hailing Holds Promise for Facilitating More Transit Use in the San Francisco Bay Area 2020 Brief
Brief: Exploring Unintended Environmental and Social Equity Consequences of Transit-Oriented Development 2019 Brief
Exploring the Relationships between the Use of Uber and Lyft and Other Components of Travel Behavior in California 2019 Journal Article
Panel Study of Emerging Transportation Technologies and Trends in California: Phase 2 Data Collection 2019 Research Report
Exploring the Relationships among Travel Multimodality, Driving Behavior, Use of Ridehailing and Energy Consumption 2019 Research Report
What Drives the Use of Ridehailing in California? Ordered Probit Models of the Usage Frequency of Uber and Lyft 2019 Journal Article
Chapter Five - Transport Policy in the Era of Ridehailing and Other Disruptive Transportation Technologies 2018 Journal Article
Adoption of Uber and Lyft, Factors Limiting and/or Encouraging Their Use and Impacts on Other Travel Modes among Millennials and Gen Xers in California 2018 Journal Article
Cruising and On-Street Parking Pricing: A Difference-in-Difference Analysis of Measured Parking Search Time and Distance in San Francisco 2018 Journal Article
What Influences Travelers to Use Uber? Exploring the Factors Affecting the Adoption of On-Demand Ride Services in California 2018 Journal Article
Exploring the Latent Constructs Behind the Use of Ridehailing in California 2018 Journal Article
What Makes Travelers Use Ridehailing? Exploring the Latent Constructs behind the Adoption and Frequency of Use of Ridehailing Services, and Their Impacts on the Use of Other Travel Modes 2018 Research Report
NCST Research Report: The Adoption of Shared Mobility in California and Its Relationship with Other Components of Travel Behavior 2018 Research Report
The Adoption of Ridehailing and Its Impacts on Travel Demand  2017 Journal Article
What Drives Millennials: A Comparison of Vehicle Miles Traveled Between Millennials and Generation X in California 2017 Research Report
The Multimodal Behavior of Millennials: Exploring Differences in Travel Choices between Young Adults and Gen Xers in California 2017 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Simulation of Ridesourcing Using Agent-Based Demand and Supply Regional Models: Potential Market Demand for First-Mile Transit Travel and Reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled in the San Francisco Bay Area 2017 Research Report
NCST Research Report: What Affects Millennials' Mobility? PART II: The Impact of Residential Location, Individual Preferences and Lifestyle on Young Adults' Travel Behavior in California 2017 Research Report
Dynamic Ridesharing: Exploration of Potential for Reduction in Vehicle Miles Traveled 2016 Journal Article
NCST White Paper: What Affects U.S. Passenger Travel? Current Trends and Future Perspectives 2016 Research Report
NCST Research Report: What Affects Millennials’ Mobility? Part I: Investigating the Environmental Concerns, Lifestyles, Mobility-Related Attitudes and Adoption of Technology of Young Adults in California 2016 Research Report
Lifestyles, Residential Location, Adoption of Emerging Technologies of Social Networks, Car Ownership and Mobility Choices of Millenials 2015 Presentation Series
Synergistic Interactions of Dynamic Ridesharing and Battery Electric Vehicles Land Use, Transit, and Auto Pricing Policies 2015 Research Report
Residential Location, Lifestyles and Mobility Choices of Millennials in California, and the Motivations behind Them 2015 Presentation Series
Exploring Unintended Environmental and Social-Equity Consequences of Transit Oriented Development 2015 Research Report
California Beyond SB 375: Evaluating the Impact of Proposed Land Use and Transportation Plans on Future Travel Patterns and Interregional Travel Behavior 2014 Research Report
Synergistic Effects of Transit, Land Use, and Vehicle Pricing Policies on Vehicle Travel and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2013 Research Report