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Elham Pourrahmani

University of California, Davis

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Modeling the Online Food Delivery Pricing and Waiting Time: Evidence From Davis, Sacramento, and San Francisco

2023 Journal Article
Overview of Innovations in Urban Freight 2023 Book Chapter

Exploring the Consumer Market of Microtransit Services in the Sacramento Area, California

2022 Research Report
Crowdshipping in Last Mile Deliveries: Operational Challenges and Research Opportunities 2021 Journal Article
Brief: Automated Vehicles are Expected to Increase Driving and Emissions Without Policy Intervention 2020 Brief
Automation, Electrification, and Shared Mobility in Freight 2020 Research Report
Brief: Automation, Electrification, and Shared Mobility in Freight 2020 Brief
Active Transportation and Community Health Impacts of Automated Vehicle Scenarios: An Integration of the San Francisco Bay Area Activity Based Travel Demand Model and the Integrated Transport and Health Impacts Model (ITHIM) 2020 Journal Article
Health Impact Assessment of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in San Francisco, Bay Area 2020 Journal Article
Simulation-Optimization Framework to Evaluate a Sustainable First Mile Transit Access Program Using Shared Mobility 2019 Journal Article
Competition among Automated Taxis, Transit, and Conventional Passenger Vehicles: Traffic Effects in the San Francisco Bay Area 2019 Journal Article
Estimating Activity and Health Impacts of First and Last Mile Transit Access Programs for Work and Shopping Trips Using Sharing Mobility Services in the Metropolitan Area 2019 Journal Article
Automated Vehicle Scenarios: Simulation of System-Level Travel Effects Using Agent-Based Demand and Supply Models in the San Francisco Bay Area 2018 Research Report