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Kurt Lawrence Kornbluth (

University of California, Davis

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Optimization of a Biomass-Integrated Renewable Energy Microgrid with Demand Side Management Under Uncertainty 2018 Reprint
Optimal Design and Operating Strategies for a Biomass-Fueled Combined Heat and Power System with Energy Storage 2018 Reprint
A Comparative Study of District and Individual Energy Systems Providing Electrical-based Heating, Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water to a Low-energy Use Residential Community 2015 Reprint
Economic Feasibility of Hydrogen Enrichment for Reducing NOx Emissions from Landfill Gas Power Generation Alternatives: A Comparison of the Levelized Cost of Electricity with Present Strategies 2012 Reprint
Performance Evaluation of an Enhanced Fruit Solar Drying Using Concentrating Panels 2012 Reprint
Hydrogen Enrichment of Landfill Gas for Enhanced Combustion in Internal-Combustion Reciprocating Engines 2012 Research Report
An Investigation of the Cost and Performance of a Solar-Powered LED Light Designed as an Alternative to Candles in Zambia: A Project Case Study 2012 Reprint
A More Renewable-Friendly Electrical Grid: Thermal Storage Refrigeration for Demand Response in California and Denmark 2012 Reprint
Extension of the Lean Limit through Hydrogen Enrichment of a LFG-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engine and Emissions Reduction 2010 Reprint
Design of a Freeway-Capable Narrow Lane Vehicle 2009 Research Report
Incorporating In-Cylinder Pressure Data to Predict NOx Emissions from Spark-Ignition Engines with Landfill Gas/Hydrogen Mixtures 2009 Reprint
Design a Freeway-Capable Narrow Lane Vehicle 2003 Presentation Series