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Improving Security and User Privacy in Learning-Based Traffic Signal Controllers (TSC) 2022 Journal Article
Time Series Relations between Parking Garage Occupancy and Traffic Speed in Macroscopic Downtown Areas – A Data Driven Study 2021 Journal Article
Macro-Level Hazardous Material Transportation Safety Analysis in China Using a Bayesian Negative Binomial Model Combined with Conditional Autoregression Prior 2021 Journal Article
Adversarial Attacks and Defense in Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)-Based Traffic Signal Controllers 2021 Journal Article
Cargo Routing and Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Research Report
Brief: Modeling E-Hailing and Car-Pooling Services in a Coupled Morning-Evening Commute Framework 2020 Brief
Modeling e-hailing and car-pooling services in a coupled morning evening commute framework 2020 Research Report
Assessing the Safety Implication of Alternative Speed Limits in California 2020 Research Report
Energy-Aware Trajectory Optimization of Connected and Automated Vehicle Platoons through a Signalized Intersection 2019 Research Report
Bounding Tandem Queuing System Performance with Variational Theory 2015 Journal Article
Driving Simulator Evaluation of Drivers’ Response to Intersections With Dynamic Use of Exit-Lanes for Left-Turn 2015 Journal Article
Statistical Inference on Transit Route-Level Origin–Destination Flows Using Automatic Passenger Counter Data 2015 Journal Article
A Generalized Queuing Model and Its Solution Properties 2015 Journal Article
Estimation of Bimodal Urban Link Travel Time Distribution and Its Applications in Traffic Analysis 2015 Journal Article
Security Vulnerabilities of Connected Vehicle Streams and Their Impact on Cooperative Driving 2015 Journal Article
Cascading Failures in Weighted Complex Networks of Transit Systems Based on Coupled Map Lattices 2015 Journal Article
Investigating Freeway Traffic Hypercongestion Between an On-ramp and Its Immediate Upstream Off-ramp 2015 Journal Article
Development of a Freight Demand Model with an Application to California 2014 Journal Article
Two-Step Optimization Model for Dynamic Lane Assignment at Isolated Signalized Intersections 2014 Journal Article
Primal-Dual Heuristic for Path Flow Estimation in Medium to Large Networks 2014 Journal Article
Coupled Linear Programming Approach for Decentralized Control of Urban Traffic 2014 Journal Article
Pareto-Improving Toll and Subsidy Scheme on Transportation Networks 2014 Journal Article
Traffic Experiment Reveals the Nature of Car-Following 2014 Journal Article
System Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment: Properties and Solution Procedures in the Case of a Many-to-One Network 2014 Journal Article
Investigation of the Early-Onset Breakdown Phenomenon at Urban Expressway Bottlenecks in Shanghai 2014 Journal Article
A New Car-Following Model Considering Acceleration of Lead Vehicle 2014 Journal Article
High-Performance Vehicle Streams: Communication and Control Architecture 2014 Journal Article
Path Flow Estimator for Planning Applications in Small Communities 2014 Journal Article
Modelling Network Flow with and Without Link Interactions: The Cases of Point Queue, Spatial Queue and Cell Transmission Model 2013 Journal Article
Spontaneous Phase Transition From Free Flow to Synchronized Flow in Traffic on a Single-Lane Highway 2013 Journal Article
The Morning Commute Problem with Heterogeneous Travellers: The Case of Continuously Distributed Parameters 2013 Journal Article
Optimal Allocation of Lane Space and Green Splits of Isolated Signalized Intersections with Short Left-Turn Lanes 2013 Journal Article
An Instantaneous Kinematic Wave Theory of Diverging Traffic 2013 Journal Article
Adaptive Traffic Signal Control With Vehicular Ad hoc Networks 2013 Journal Article
Managing Bottleneck Congestion with Tradable Credits 2013 Journal Article
Modeling Space-Time Inhomogeneities with the Kinematic Wave Theory 2013 Journal Article
Dynamic Holding Strategy to Prevent Buses from Bunching 2013 Journal Article
System-Optimal Dynamic Traffic Assignment With and Without Queue Spillback: Its Path-Based Formulation and Solution via Approximate Path Marginal Cost 2012 Journal Article
Credit-based Pricing for Multi-user Class Transportation Facilities 2012 Research Report
Managing Morning Commute Traffic With Parking 2012 Journal Article
The Morning Commute Under Flat Toll and Tactical Waiting 2012 Journal Article
On Centroid Connectors in Static Traffic Assignment: Their Effects on Flow Patterns and How to Optimize Their Selections 2012 Journal Article
The Morning Commute Problem with Coarse Toll and Nonidentical Commuters 2010 Research Report
System-wide Ramp Metering as a Policy Tool to Induce Efficient Travel in a Freeway Corridor 2010 Research Report
Road Diet or No Diet: A Case Study of the Fifth Street Corridor 2010 Research Report
Life-Cycle Optimization of Pavement Overlay Systems 2010 Journal Article
Dynamic Congestion Pricing Considering Spatial Interactions of Queues 2009 Research Report
On the Morning Commute Problem in a Corridor Network with Multiple Bottlenecks: Its System-optimal Traffic Flow Patterns and the Realizing Tolling Scheme 2009 Research Report
An Efficiency-Equity Solution to the Integrated Corridor Control Problem 2008 Research Report
Inferring Origin-Destination Trip Matrices with a Decoupled GLS Path Flow Estimator 2004 Journal Article
A New Gridding Method for Zonal Travel Activity and Emissions Using Bicubic Spline Interpolation 2004 Journal Article