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Kristin Lovejoy (

University of California, Davis

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Title Year Series
The Impacts of Big Box Retail on Downtown: A Case Study of Target in Davis (CA) 2018 Journal Article
The First Big-Box Store in Davis 2015 Journal Article
Social Networks as a Source of Private-Vehicle Transportation: The Practice of Getting Rides and Borrowing Vehicles Among Mexican Immigrants in California 2014 Journal Article
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land-Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big-Box Store in Davis, California 2013 Journal Article
High School Bicycling Survey 2013: Summary Report 2013 Research Report
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big Box Store in Davis, California 2012 Research Report
Mobility Fulfillment Among Low-car Households: Implications for Reducing Auto Dependence in the United States 2012 Research Report
"Developments in Bicycle Equipment and Its Role in Promoting Cycling as a Travel Mode," chapter in City Cycling 2012 Journal Article
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Neighborhood Satisfaction in Suburban versus Traditional Environments: An Evaluation of Contributing Characteristics in Eight California Neighborhoods 2010 Journal Article
Davis Shopping Survey Report 2010 Research Report
Results of the 2008-09 Campus Travel Survey 2009 Research Report
Travel Behavior of Immigrant Groups in California 2009 Journal Article
Transportation Experiences of Mexican Immigrants in California: Results from Focus Group Interviews 2007 Research Report
Travel of Diverse Populations: Literature Review 2007 Research Report
Do suburban- and traditional-neighborhood residents want different things? Evidence on neighborhood satisfaction and travel behavior 2006 Research Report