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University of California, Davis

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"The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Pathway" chapter 2 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Reprint
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle GHG Impacts in California: Integrating Consumer-Informed Recharge Profiles with an Electricity-Dispatch Model 2011 Reprint
Taking Charge: Establishing California Leadership in the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Marketplace 2010 Reprint
Interactions between Hydrogen Pathways and Electricity Supply: A Stochastic Representation of the California Power Sector 2009 Reprint
Determining Marginal Electricity for Near-term Plug-in and Fuel Cell Vehicle Demands in California: Impacts on Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2009 Reprint
Assessing Vehicle Electricity Demand Impacts on California Electricity Supply 2009 Research Report
Interactions between Electric-drive Vehicles and the Power Sector in California 2009 Presentation Series
Interactions between Electric-drive Vehicles and the Power Sector in California 2009 Research Report
Electricity Grid: Impacts of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging 2009 Reprint
Meeting an 80% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation by 2050: A Case Study in California 2009 Reprint
Identifying Options for Deep Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions from California Transportation: Meeting an 80% Reduction Goal in 2050 2008 Research Report
Emissions Impacts of Marginal Electricity Demand California Hydrogen Supply Pathways 2008 Reprint
Impacts of Electric-drive Vehicles on California's Energy System 2008 Reprint
Assessing Strategies for Fuel and Electricity Production in a California Hydrogen Economy 2008 Reprint
California Baseline Energy Demands to 2050 for Advanced Energy Pathways 2008 Research Report
California Energy Demand Scenario Projections to 2050 2008 Research Report
Assessing Reliability in Energy Supply Systems 2008 Reprint
Assessing Reliability In Hydrogen Supply Pathways 2005 Presentation Series
Assessing Reliability in Transportation Energy Supply Pathways: A Hydrogen Case Study 2005 Research Report
A Methodology to Assess the Reliability of Hydrogen-based Transportation Energy Systems 2004 Research Report