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Do Electricity Prices Affect Electric Vehicle Adoption? 2021 Research Report
Brief: Do Electricity Prices Affect Electric Vehicle Adoption? 2021 Brief
The End of Neutrality? LCFS, Technology Neutrality, and Stimulating the Electric Vehicle Market 2021 Reprint
Uncertainty, Innovation, and Infrastructure Credits: Outlook for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Through 2030 2020 Research Report
Supercharged? Electricity Demand and the Electrification of Transportation in California 2020 Research Report
Fuel Subsidy Pass-Through and Market Structure: Evidence from the Renewable Fuel Standard 2019 Reprint
Economic Considerations: Cost-Effective and Efficient Climate Policies 2016 Reprint
Fuel Price Impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard 2016 Research Report
Status Review of California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard - April 2015 Issue (Revised Version) 2015 Research Report
Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan 2015 Reprint
Expecting the Unexpected: Emissions Uncertainty and Environmental Market Design 2015 Research Report
State and Regional Comprehensive Carbon Pricing and Greenhouse Gas Regulation in the Power Sector Under EPA's Clean Power Plan: Workshop Summary 2015 Reprint
Downstream Regulation of CO2 Emissions in California's Electricity Sector 2014 Reprint
An Economic Perspective on the EPA's Clean Power Plan 2014 Reprint
Allocation and Leakage in Regional Cap-and-Trade Markets for CO2 2012 Reprint
Inefficiencies and Market Power in Financial Arbitrage: A Study of California's Electricity Markets 2009 Reprint