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Passenger Mobility in China: Scenarios for 2030

2022 Research Report
Brief: A Glimpse of Microtransit at an Early Stage: The SmaRT Ride Consumer Market in the Sacramento Area 2022 Brief

Exploring the Consumer Market of Microtransit Services in the Sacramento Area, California

2022 Research Report
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market Research on Consumer in Six Cities in China 2020 Book Chapter
Optimal Range of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Beijing and Shanghai 2020 Journal Article
Brief: Experiencing Pilot Demonstrations Helps Individual Acceptance of Self-Driving Shuttles 2020 Brief
Exploring the Role of Attitude in the Acceptance of Self-driving Shuttles 2020 Research Report

Why Do People Like Bicycling? Modeling Affect toward Bicycling

2018 Journal Article
Exploring Mechanisms of Decision Making for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption or Rejection: A Qualitative Study in a Second- and a Third-Tier City in China 2018 Journal Article
Motivations and Barriers Associated with the Adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles in Beijing: A Multinomial Logit Model Approach 2018 Journal Article
Modeling the Choice of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in California: A Nested Logit Approach 2017 Research Report
Introduction of China Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market and an Exploration of Factors Associated with Choice of Plug-in Electric Vehicle 2017 Journal Article
A Comparison of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Markets Between China and the U.S. Based on Surveys 2016 Journal Article

Experiences of Electric Bicycle Users in the Sacramento, California Area

2014 Journal Article
Contributions Of Individual, Physical, And Social Environmental Factors To Bicycling: A Structural Equations Modeling Study Of Six Small U.S. Cities 2012 Research Report
Can Electric 2-Wheelers Play a Substantial Role in Reducing CO2 Emissions? The Report of Electric Bicycle Usage of Western U.S. Residents 2012 Research Report

Bicycling in Davis and Five Other Small Cities

2011 Research Report

On-Line vs. Phone Surveys: Comparison of Results for a Bicycling Survey

2011 Research Report

Factors Associated with Proportions and Miles of Bicycling for Transportation and Recreation in Six Small U.S. Cities

2010 Journal Article

Factors Correlated with Bicycle Commuting: A Study in Six Small Cities

2010 Journal Article

Factors Associated with Bicycle Ownership and Use: A Study of Six Small U.S. Cities

2010 Journal Article