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Hui Li

University of California, Davis

Publications (27 records):

Title Year Series
Optimum Filler–Bitumen Ratio of Asphalt Mortar Considering Self-Healing Property 2019 Reprint
Utilization of Fine Solid Waste in Asphalt Mortar 2019 Reprint
Framework for Urban Metabolism and Life Cycle Assessment of Hardscape 2018 Research Report
Development of Recommended Guidelines for Preservation Treatments for Bicycle Routes 2017 Research Report
Fully Permeable Pavement for Stormwater Management: Progress and Obstacles to Implementation in California 2017 Research Report
Energy and Environmental Consequences of a Cool Pavement Campaign 2017 Reprint
Results from Visual Inspection and Laboratory Testing for ASR in Existing Concrete Cores from Bridges and Pavements in California 2016 Research Report
Full-Scale Structural Testing of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement to Develop Design Guidelines 2016 Research Report
Modeling the Impact of Pavement Roughness on Bicycle Ride Quality 2015 Reprint
Bicycle Ride Quality: The Effect of Pavement Treatment Texture 2015 Reprint
Structural Performance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement Under Heavy Traffic Loading 2015 Reprint
Experimental Investigation on Evaporation Rate for Enhancing Evaporative Cooling Effect of Permeable Pavement Materials 2014 Reprint
Development and Preliminary Validation of Integrated Local Microclimate Model for Numerical Evaluation of Cool Pavement Strategies 2014 Reprint
Development and HVS Validation of Design Tables for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement: Final Report 2014 Research Report
Retrofitted Fully Permeable Shoulders as a Stormwater Management Strategy on Highways 2014 Reprint
Field Measurement of Albedo for Different Land Cover Materials and Effects on Thermal Performance 2013 Reprint
Preliminary Results: Measurement of Macrotexture on Surface Treatments and Survey of Bicyclist Ride Quality on Mon-198 and SLO-1 Test Sections 2013 Research Report
Comparative Field Permeability Measurement of Permeable Pavements Using ASTM C1701 and NCAT Permeameter Methods 2013 Reprint
Cooling Effect of Permeable Asphalt Pavement Under Dry and Wet Conditions 2013 Reprint
The Use of Reflective and Permeable Pavements as a Potential Practice for Heat Island Mitigation and Stormwater Management 2013 Reprint
Surface Treatment Macrotexture and Bicycle Ride Quality 2013 Research Report
Evaluation of Cool Pavement Strategies for Heat Island Mitigation 2012 Research Report
Multi-Dimensional Transient Temperature Simulation and Back-Calculation for Thermal Properties of Building Materials 2012 Reprint
Development of Mechanistic-Empirical Design Procedure for Fully Permeable Pavement Under Heavy Traffic 2012 Reprint
Laboratory Testing and Modeling for Structural Performance of Fully Permeable Pavements: Final Report 2010 Research Report
Summary of a Computer Modeling Study to Understand the Performance Properties of Fully Permeable Pavements 2010 Research Report
Summary of Laboratory Tests to Assess Mechanical Properties of Permeable Pavement Materials 2009 Research Report