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Angela Sanguinetti

Publications (20 records):

Title Year Series
The Many Reasons Your Mileage May Vary: Toward a Unifying Typology of Eco-Driving Behaviors 2017 Reprint
Electric Vehicle Explorer: Educating  and Persuading Consumers with an Online Vehicle Energy Cost Calculator 2017 Reprint
Upscaling Participatory Thermal Sensing: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Case Study at University of California for Improving Campus Efficiency and Comfort 2017 Reprint
Occupant Thermal Feedback for Improved Efficiency in University Buildings 2017 Reprint
GreenFLY: Adding Carbon to the Equation in Online Flight Searches 2017 Reprint
EcoTrips: Leveraging Co-benefits and Metaphorical Metrics in a Mobile App to Promote Walking and Biking for Short Trips 2017 Reprint
Leveraging Multiple Methods to See the Big Picture 2017 Reprint
A Typology of In-Vehicle Eco-Driving Feedback 2017 Reprint
EV Explorer: Evaluating a Vehicle Information Tool 2016 Working Paper
Assessing Players, Products, and Perceptions of Home Energy Management 2016 Reprint
The Iterative Design of a University Energy Dashboard 2016 Reprint
TherMOOstat: Occupant Feedback to Improve Comfort and Efficiency on a University Campus 2016 Reprint
How Do Small Businesses Experience Energy Reports? 2016 Reprint
NCST White Paper: Actual Results May Vary: A Behavioral Review of Eco-Driving for Policy Makers 2015 Research Report
OBDEnergy 2015 Reprint
Diversifying Cohousing: The Retrofit Model 2015 Reprint
Diffusion of Feedback: Perceptions and Adoption of Devices in the Residential Market 2015 Reprint
Characterization and Potential of Home Energy Management (HEM) Technology 2015 Reprint
NCST Policy Brief: "Actual Results May Vary": A Behavioral Review of Eco-Driving Research for Policy Makers 2015 Research Report
Transformational Practices in Cohousing: Enhancing Residents' Connection to Community and Nature 2014 Reprint