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Scott Hardman

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Title Year Series
Understanding the Impact of Reoccurring and Non-Financial Incentives on Plug-in Electric Vehicle Adoption – A Review 2019 Reprint
Exploring the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Electrifying Passenger Transportation 2019 Research Report
Uncovering Early Adopter’s Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Automated Vehicles: Insights from Early Adopters of Electric Vehicles in California 2019 Reprint
Electric Vehicle Incentives in 13 Leading Electric Vehicle Markets 2019 Research Report
An Examination of the Impact That Electric Vehicle Incentives Have on Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Time 2019 Research Report
Who is buying electric vehicles in California? Characterising early adopter heterogeneity and forecasting market diffusion 2019 Reprint
An early look at plug-in electric vehicle adoption in disadvantaged communities in California 2019 Reprint
Who will be the early adopters of automated vehicles? Insights from a survey of electric vehicle owners in the United States 2019 Reprint
Investigating the Buyers of Electric Vehicles in California: Are We Moving Beyond Early Adopters? 2019 Reprint
A Review of Consumer Preferences of and Interactions with Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2018 Reprint
A First Look at Vehicle Miles Travelled in Partially-Automated Vehicles 2018 Working Paper
Who Are the Early Adopters of Fuel Cell Vehicles? 2018 Reprint
Who Will Be the Early Adopters of Automated Vehicles? Insights from a Survey of Electric Vehicle Owners in the United States 2018 Reprint
Cost Implications for Automaker Compliance of Zero Emissions Vehicle Requirements 2018 Reprint
Steering the Electric Vehicle Transition to Sustainability 2018 Research Report
Barriers to the Adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles: A Qualitative Investigation into Early Adopters Attitudes 2017 Reprint
The Effectiveness of Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles: A Review of the Evidence 2017 Reprint
Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles – A Review of the Evidence 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Developing PEV Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Financial Purchase Incentives 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Reoccurring Incentives 2017 Research Report
Exploring the Decision to Adopt a High-End Battery Electric Vehicle: Role of Financial and Nonfinancial Motivations 2016 Reprint
Comparing High-end and Low-end Early Adopters of Battery Electric Vehicles 2016 Reprint
Consumer Attitudes to Fuel Cell Vehicles Post Trial in the United Kingdom 2016 Reprint
Changing the Fate of Fuel Cell Vehicles: Can Lessons Be Learnt from Tesla Motors? 2015 Reprint
Fuel Cell Added Value for Early Market Applications 2015 Reprint
Mobile Phone Infrastructure Development: Lessons for the Development of a Hydrogen Infrastructure 2014 Reprint
Disruptive Innovations: The Case for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Battery Electric Vehicles 2013 Reprint