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Title Year Series
A Comparison of Zero-Emission Highway Trucking Technologies 2018 Research Report
Aspects of Thermal Management of Lithium Batteries in PHEVs Using Supercapacitors 2017 Research Report
Fuel Economy Analysis of Medium/Heavy-duty Trucks: 2015-2050 2017 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Assessment of Critical Barriers to Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Deployment – Workshop Series 2016 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Deployment of Sustainable Fueling/Charging Systems at California Highway Safety Roadside Rest Areas 2016 Research Report
STEPS White Paper: Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version) 2015 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2015 Research Report
Applications of Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2015 Research Report
Evaluation of a PV Powered EV Charging Station and its Buffer Battery 2015 Research Report
Modelling and Analysis of Plug-in Series-Parallel Hybrid Medium-Duty Vehicles 2015 Research Report
"Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles," chapter in Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering 2014 Reprint
An Intelligent Solar-Powered Battery-Buffered EV Charging Station with Solar Electricity Forecasting and EV Charging Load Projection Functions 2014 Research Report
Present and Future Applications of Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2014 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in the Place of Batteries in Hybrid Vehicles 2014 Research Report
Review of the Present and Future Applications of Supercapacitors in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2014 Research Report
Intelligent Energy Management for Solar Powered EV Charging Stations 2014 Research Report
West Village Solar PV Powered Battery Buffered Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2014 Research Report
Analysis of Class 8 Truck Technologies for Their Fuel Savings and Economics 2013 Reprint
Analysis of Class 8 Hybrid-Electric Truck Technologies Using Diesel, LNG, Electricity, and Hydrogen, as the Fuel for Various Applications 2013 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in Micro-and Mild Hybrids with Lead-Acid Batteries: Simulations and Laboratory and In-Vehicle Testing 2013 Research Report
Analytic Tool to Support the Implementation of Electric Vehicle Programs 2013 Research Report
Energy Saving and Cost Projections for Advanced Hybrid, Battery Electric, and Fuel Cell Vehicles in 2015-2030 2012 Research Report
Ultracapacitors in Hybrid Vehicle Applications: Testing of New High Power Devices and Prospects for Increased Energy Density 2012 Research Report
Fast Charging Tests (up to 6C) of Lithium Titanate Cells and Modules: Electrical and Thermal Response 2012 Research Report
A First-Order Transient Response Model for Lithium-ion Batteries of Various Chemistries: Test Data and Model Validation 2012 Research Report
Comparison of Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology and Fuel Efficiency 2011 Research Report
"Comparing Fuel Economies and Costs of Advanced vs. Conventional Vehicles" chapter 4 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Reprint
Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles Using Supercapacitors: Device Characteristics, Control Strategies, and Simulation Results 2010 Research Report
Simulations of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles Using Advanced Lithium Batteries and Ultracapacitors on Various Driving Cycles 2010 Research Report
Effects of Different Powertrain Configurations and Control Strategies on Fuel Economy of Fuel Cell Vehicles 2010 Research Report
Projected Fuel Consumption Characteristics of Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles for 2015-2045 2010 Research Report
Lithium Batteries and Ultracapacitors Alone and in Combination in Hybrid Vehicles: Fuel Economy and Battery Stress Reduction Advantages 2010 Research Report
Optimum Performance of Direct Hydrogen Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicles 2009 Research Report
Simulated Performance of Alternative Hybrid-Electric Powertrains in Vehicles on Various Driving Cycles 2009 Research Report
Modeling and Optimization of PEMFC Systems and its Application to Direct Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles 2008 Research Report
Optimization of Fuel Cell System Operating Conditions for Fuel Cell Vehicles 2008 Reprint