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Exploring the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Electrifying Passenger Transportation 2019 Research Report
Uncovering Early Adopter’s Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of Automated Vehicles: Insights from Early Adopters of Electric Vehicles in California 2019 Reprint
An Examination of the Impact That Electric Vehicle Incentives Have on Consumer Purchase Decisions Over Time 2019 Research Report
Who Is Buying Electric Vehicles in California? Characterising Early Adopter Heterogeneity and Forecasting Market Diffusion 2019 Reprint
An Early Look at Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption in Disadvantaged Communities in California 2019 Reprint
Who Will Be the Early Adopters of Automated Vehicles? Insights from a Survey of Electric Vehicle Owners in the United States 2019 Reprint
Characterizing Plug-In Electric Vehicle Driving and Charging Behavior: Observations from a Year Long Data Collection Study 2019 Reprint
Investigating the Buyers of Electric Vehicles in California: Are We Moving Beyond Early Adopters? 2019 Reprint
Exploring the Value of Clean Air Vehicles High Occupancy Lane Access in California 2019 Reprint
An In-Depth Examination of Electric Vehicle Incentives: Consumer Heterogeneity and Changing Response over Time 2019 Reprint
Exploring Heterogeneous Electric Vehicle Charging Behavior: Mixed Usage of Charging Infrastructure 2019 Reprint
What Drives Your Drivers: An In-Depth Look at Lyft and Uber Drivers 2018 Research Report
What Drives Your Drivers: An In-Depth Look at Lyft and Uber Drivers 2018 Presentation Series
A Review of Consumer Preferences of and Interactions with Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2018 Reprint
A First Look at Vehicle Miles Travelled in Partially-Automated Vehicles 2018 Working Paper
Who Are the Early Adopters of Fuel Cell Vehicles? 2018 Reprint
Observed Charging Rates in California 2018 Research Report
The Dynamics of Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the Secondary Market and Their Implication for Vehicle Demand, Durability, and Emissions 2018 Research Report
Policies to Maximize Fuel Economy of Plug-In Hybrids in a Rental Fleet 2018 Reprint
Motivations and Barriers Associated with the Adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles in Beijing: A Multinomial Logit Model Approach 2018 Reprint
Exploring Mechanisms of Decision Making for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption or Rejection: A Qualitative Study in a Second- and a Third-Tier City in China 2018 Reprint
Estimating the Longest Trip for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Households 2018 Reprint
Modeling the Potential of BEVs and PHEVs in GHG Reduction Based on Household-Level GPS Data 2018 Reprint
Driving the Market for Plug-In Vehicles: Developing Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2018 Research Report
China's Electric Car Surge 2017 Reprint
Lessons from In-Use Fast Charging Data: Why Are Drivers Staying Close to Home? 2017 Research Report
Introduction of China Plug-in Electric Vehicle Market and an Exploration of Factors Associated with Choice of Plug-in Electric Vehicle 2017 Reprint
Electric Vehicle Explorer: Educating  and Persuading Consumers with an Online Vehicle Energy Cost Calculator 2017 Reprint
The Effectiveness of Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles: A Review of the Evidence 2017 Reprint
Survey and Data Observation on Consumer Motivations to DC Fast Charge 2017 Research Report
First Look at the Plug-in Vehicle Secondary Market 2017 Research Report
BEV Consumer Household Travel Behavior Decisions in Multi-Vehicle Households: Do They Get the Maximum Out of the Nissan LEAF? 2017 Research Report
Financial Purchase Incentives for Battery Electric Vehicles – A Review of the Evidence 2017 Research Report
A Multi-Model Approach to Generating International Electric Vehicle Future Adoption Scenarios 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Developing PEV Charging Infrastructure for Consumers 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Financial Purchase Incentives 2017 Research Report
Driving the Market for Plug-in Vehicles – Understanding Reoccurring Incentives 2017 Research Report
Modeling the Choice of Plug-in Electric Vehicles in California: A Nested Logit Approach 2017 Research Report
EV Explorer: Evaluating a Vehicle Information Tool 2016 Working Paper
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Multi-State Market and Charging Survey 2016 Reprint
Exploring the Use of a Web Based Map Tool for Travel Behavior Data Collection: Lessons from Plug-in Vehicle Owner Surveys 2016 Reprint
EVMT in the Household Fleet: Integrating Battery Electric Vehicles into Household Travel 2016 Reprint
Can Commuters Combat the Duck Curve with Plug-in Electric Vehicles? Scenario Analysis of PHEVs and BEVs 2016 Reprint
Exploring the Impact of the Federal Tax Credit on the Plug-in Vehicle Market 2016 Reprint
Exploring the Decision to Adopt a High-End Battery Electric Vehicle: Role of Financial and Nonfinancial Motivations 2016 Reprint
Equity Impacts of Fee Systems to Support Zero Emission Vehicle Sales in California 2016 Research Report
Exploring the Longest Trip: A New Look on the Impact of Long Road Trips on VMT 2016 Reprint
Merging Expert Perspectives to Site DC Fast Charging 2016 Reprint
Rethinking the Role of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles in the Transition to Low Carbon Transportation: Risks and Opportunities 2016 Reprint
A Comparison of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Markets Between China and the U.S. Based on Surveys 2016 Reprint
Can We Achieve 100 Million Plug-in Cars by 2030? 2016 Research Report
Advanced Plug-in Electric Vehicle Travel and Charging Behavior Interim Report 2016 Research Report
First Look at the Plug-in Vehicle Secondary Market 2016 Working Paper
Advanced Plug-in Electric Vehicle Travel and Charging Behavior 2016 Presentation Series
NCST Policy Brief: Can California Sustain Its Commitment to Providing Zero-Emission Vehicle Rebates? 2016 Research Report
Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Planning for Metropolitan Planning Organizations: Adapting to Changing Markets and Vehicle Technology 2015 Reprint
Charging for Charging at Work: Increasing the Availability of Charging Through Pricing 2015 Reprint
Charging Behavior Impacts on Electric VMT: Who is Not Plugging in? 2014 Reprint
Exploring the Impact of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Access on Plug-in Vehicle Sales and Usage in California 2014 Research Report
Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Owners in California: A GIS Scenario Planning Tool 2014 Working Paper
California Statewide Charging Survey: What Do Drivers Want? 2013 Reprint
California Statewide Charging Assessment Model for Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Learning from Statewide Travel Surveys 2013 Working Paper
Who Is Buying Electric Cars in California? Exploring Household and Vehicle Fleet Characteristics of New Plug-In Vehicle Owners 2013 Research Report
Charging for Charging at Work: Increasing the Availability of Charging Through Pricing 2013 Working Paper
DC Fast Charging in the Context of Bigger Batteries 2013 Presentation Series
Studying the PEV Market in California: Comparing the PEV, PHEV and Hybrid Markets 2013 Reprint
"Impacts of ICT on Travel Behavior: A Tapestry of Relationships," chapter in The SAGE Handbook of Transport Studies 2013 Reprint
How Do Local Actions Affect VMT? A Critical Review of the Empirical Evidence 2012 Reprint
Consumer Perceptions and Use of Driving Distance of Electric Vehicles: Changes over Time Through Lifestyle Learning Process 2012 Reprint
Measuring Nonmotorized Accessibility and Connectivity in a Robust Pedestrian Network 2012 Reprint
DC Fast as the Only Public Charging Option? Scenario Testing from GPS-Tracked Vehicles 2012 Reprint
Learning about Electric Vehicle Range: Findings from the UC Davis MINI E Consumer Study 2012 Research Report
Understanding the Role of the Forecast-Maker in Overestimation Forecasts of Policy Impacts: The Case of Travel Demand Management Policies 2011 Reprint
Measuring Non-motorized Accessibility and Connectivity in a Robust Pedestrian Network 2011 Research Report
Travel Behavior of Immigrants: An Analysis of the 2001 National Household Transportation Survey 2010 Reprint
Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Design Proposals for Fresno - Final Report 2010 Reprint
Evaluating the Effect of Car-Sharing: Exploring the Gap between What We Know vs. What We Need to Know and Its Effect on Optimism Bias 2009 Working Paper
Travel Behavior of Immigrant Groups in California 2009 Reprint
Overestimation Reduction in Forecasting Telecommuting as a TDM Policy 2008 Reprint
Children’s Bicycling to After-School Activities: The Case of the Davis AYSO Bike-to-Soccer Program 2008 Research Report
Children’s Biking for Nonschool Purposes: Getting to Soccer Games in Davis, California 2008 Reprint
Overestimation in Forecasting New Transportation Demand Management Policies: Chronicle of an Error Foretold 2008 Research Report
Increasing Children’s Biking for Non- School Purposes Lessons from the Davis, CA ‘Bike to AYSO’ Program 2008 Reprint
The Travel Behavior of Immigrants and Race/Ethnicity Groups: An Analysis of the 2001 National Household Transportation Survey 2005 Research Report