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Gian-Claudia Sciara (

University of California, Davis

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NCST White Paper: Aligning California’s Transportation Funding with Its Climate Policies 2018 Research Report
The Impacts of Big Box Retail on Downtown: A Case Study of Target in Davis (CA) 2018 Reprint
Allocating Transportation Revenues to Support Climate Policies in California and Beyond 2018 Reprint
NCST Research Report: When Do Local Governments Regulate Land Use to Serve Regional Goals? Results of a Survey Tracking Land Use Changes that Support Sustainable Mobility 2017 Research Report
Task 2 Report: Setting the Stage for Statewide Advance Mitigation in California 2015 Research Report
Task 3 Report: The Business Case for Advance Mitigation in California 2015 Research Report
Task 4 Report: Funding and Financial Mechanisms to Support Advance Mitigation 2015 Research Report
Measuring Land Use Performance: Policy, Plan, and Outcome 2015 Research Report
Experimentation and Innovation in Advance Mitigation: Lessons from California 2015 Reprint
Saving Money When Safeguarding Species and Habitats: Conventional vs. Advance Land Acquisition for Transportation Mitigation 2015 Reprint
The First Big-Box Store in Davis 2015 Reprint
NCST Policy Brief: Can State and Regional Efforts Change Local Land Use Planning and Reduce Sprawl? 2015 Brief
Evaluating Progress toward SB375 Implementation: A Longā€term View 2014 Research Report
Local Climate Action: Motives, Enabling Factors, and Barriers 2014 Reprint
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land-Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big-Box Store in Davis, California 2013 Reprint
Cultivating Cooperation without Control: A Study of California's MPO-Driven Smart Growth Programs 2013 Research Report
Survey of Local Sustainability Practices in California 2013 Research Report
Measuring the Impacts of Local Land Use Policies on Vehicle Miles of Travel: The Case of the First Big Box Store in Davis, California 2012 Research Report
Financing Congressional Earmarks: Implications for Transport Policy and Planning 2012 Reprint
Peering Inside the Pork Barrel: A Study of Congressional Earmarking in Transportation 2012 Reprint
Planning for Unplanned Pork: The Consequences of Congressional Earmarking for Regional Transportation Planning 2012 Reprint
Peering Inside the Pork Barrel 2012 Reprint
Earmark Pursuit Practices of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and Their Members 2009 Reprint
Metropolitan Transportation Funding: Prospects, Progress, and Practical Considerations 2007 Reprint
Unraveling Equity in HOT Lane Planning: A View from Practice 2006 Reprint
Making Communities Safe for Bicycles 2003 Reprint