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Assessing Players, Products, and Perceptions of Home Energy Management



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Suggested citation: Ford, Rebecca, Beth Karlin, Angela Sanguinetti, Anna Nersesyan, Marco Pritoni (2016) Assessing Players, Products, and Perceptions of Home Energy Management. San Francisco, CA: Pacific Gas and Electric.

This report explores the potential role utilities may play in the emerging home energy management (HEM) marketplace and develops a roadmap to leverage, promote, and enable the use of these technologies for energy savings and grid load reduction. It takes a comprehensive view of HEMS by evaluating the evolving market in which they are developing, the technological capabilities of the products and systems, and the consumer attitudes and perceptions of these technologies. Each of these three lines of inquiry – the Industry Assessment, Technology Inventory, and Consumer Assessment – informs both immediate and longer-term recommendations for successful utility engagement with HEMS.