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The reports listed below are summaries for general audiences of new findings by ITS-Davis researchers. They contain links to related publications, people and programs.

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UC Davis report examines economics of LCFS, cost containment mechanisms (November 2013)
The report investigates a number of important issues such as concerns over market power in the state's fuel and credit markets, the role of dynamics and uncertainty on market outcomes, and incentives to innovate and invest in renewable fuels and their potential interactions with cost containment mechanisms.

Fulton presents $2 trillion fuel savings in new GFEI report (November 2013)
Fuel economy improvements from conventional internal combustion engine cars have the potential to save $2 trillion over the next decade, according to a new report published by the ITS-Davis NextSTEPS program in conjunction with the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI). Lew Fulton, co-director of NextSTEPS, presented the findings at a joint webinar between GFEI, NextSTEPS and the UC Davis Policy Institute in November.

How etiquette shapes PEV drivers’ vehicle charging behavior (November 2013)
In their new paper "Do You Mind if I Plug-in My Car? How Etiquette Shapes PEV Drivers' Vehicle Charging Behavior," researchers Nicolette Caperello, Ken Kurani and Jennifer TyreeHageman of the UC Davis Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center present the results of interviews with 29 PEV households in San Diego in spring 2012.

California’s Climate Policies Reduce Particulate Air Pollution Too, UC Davis Research Finds (March 2013)
A pair of studies led by UC Davis researcher Mike Kleeman examines the local air-quality impacts of California’s current climate-change laws and long-term climate goals, and calculates the health and monetary benefits of the projected reduction in tiny airborne particles known as PM2.5.

Decades of Diesel: Fulton is Guest Editor of Special Section of Energy Policy (March 2013)
Lewis M. Fulton, co-director of the NextSTEPS Research Program at ITS-Davis, is guest editor of a special section of the March issue of Energy Policy, “Decades of Diesel,” with Lee J. Schipper, a respected transportation energy policy researcher who passed away in August 2011.

ITS-Davis leads report outlining a national low carbon fuel standard (July 2012)
The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, which helped California create the nation's first low carbon fuel standard in 2009, has joined five other leading research institutions in releasing a series of studies designed to establish a national standard. In a bipartisan briefing in Washington, D.C., the researchers said that a national standard will ensure fuels of the future are cleaner, cheaper and "made in America."

Alternative-Fuels Researchers Awarded $2.7 Million by California Energy Commission (June 2012)
The UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) will receive a two-year, $2.77 million grant from the California Energy Commission to research the value, benefits and drawbacks of all types of alternative transportation fuels and fuel uses in California.

ITS-Davis Researcher Was Key to New Calif. Vehicle Standards (June 2012)
With its recent adoption of pioneering vehicle-emissions standards, the California Air Resources Board is back in the center of the world's clean-car-policy stage. And ITS-Davis graduate Nic Lutsey is being commended for his analytical work, which played a leading role in the development of the new regulations.

Key Role for ITS-Davis in Governor’s Executive Order for 1.5 Million ZEVs (March 2012)
UC Davis research and expertise play key roles in the California governor’s order that the state will have 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

The Revolution Will Be Motorized – But How? (December 2011)
ITS-Davis has published a new book, “Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers,” to help inform researchers, planners and decision makers in industry and government about the potential costs and benefits of various alternative fuel/vehicle pathways, and to illuminate viable transition strategies toward a more sustainable transportation future.

Social Influence and Sustainable Transport: What Your Friends and Family Think Does Matter (May 2011)
New award-winning research from ITS-Davis suggests it will take more than a reasonable price and good information to get consumers to make more sustainable transportation choices. Post-doctoral researcher Jonn Axsen says policymakers need to consider another critical and historically overlooked factor: social influence.

Comparing Land Use Impacts of Petroleum and Biofuels (May 2011)
China’s Soaring Vehicle Population: Even Greater than Forecasted? (April 2011)
Starting the Conversation: A Global Renewable Energy Future (March 2011)
Want Consumers to Buy Plug-in Hybrids? (February 2011)
Roadmap for the Coming Hydrogen Fuel and Fuel Cell Vehicle Rollout in California (January 2011)
Ultracapacitors Enhance Electric-Drive Vehicle Performance (December 2010)
Road Ecology: Measuring the Wildlife Death Toll along California Roads (September 2010)
Travel Behavior: Commuter Response to the Fix I-5 Project (August 2010)
Feebates: A Complementary Strategy for Reducing GHG from Vehicles (May 2010)