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Urea-SCR System Demosnstration and Evaluation for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks


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Brodrick, Christie-Joy, Mohammad Farshchi, Harry A. Dwyer, Daniel Sperling, S. W. Gouse, III, W. Doelling, J. Hoelzer, Mike Jackson (1999) Urea-SCR System Demosnstration and Evaluation for Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper Series (1999-01-3722)

Presented at the International Truck & Bus Meeting & Exposition, Detroit, MI, Session: Engines

The Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis (ITS-Davis) has brought together a group of public and industrial partners to demonstrate and evaluate the Siemens-Westinghouse Urea-Selective Catalyst Reduction System (SINOx™). The SINOx System has the potential to generate major reductions in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and the volatile organic fraction (VOF) of particulate (PM) from heavy-duty diesel engines, without increasing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This demonstration began with engine bench testing at Detroit Diesel Corporation to calibrate the system to attain 1 g/bhp-hr NOx emissions in the transient portion of the US-FTP on a 1999 Series 60 engine that has a 4 g/bhp-hr emission level. The second phase of the project entails an on-highway demonstration of a set of ten, Freightliner Class 8 heavy-duty diesel vehicles. These vehicles are part of the Valley Material Transport fleet based in French Camp, California. Performance of the SINOx System will be tested under realistic on-road operating conditions, using on-road emissions measurement techniques as well as traditional dynamometer testing. In addition to emissions and fuel economy testing, a comprehensive study will investigate trucking industry acceptance, infrastructure needs, technical feasibility, and cost-effectiveness of the system. This evaluation is funded by San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District, Sacramento Air Pollution Control District, and California Air Resources Board.