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Caltrans Partnered Pavement Research Program (PPRC) Summary Report: Four Year Period: 2000–2004


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Harvey, John T., Carl L. Monismith, William Nokes, N. F. Coetzee (2006) Caltrans Partnered Pavement Research Program (PPRC) Summary Report: Four Year Period: 2000–2004. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report UCPRC-SR-2006-02

This report provides a summary of the results of the various studies completed in the Partnered Pavement Research Program (PPRC) during the period 2000–2004. In addition, preliminary findings of investigations, initiated but not yet implemented during this period, are included. The results are based on the combined results of analytical developments, laboratory testing of pavement materials, and HVS tests of full-scale pavement test sections. Summaries of developments in the following areas are included:
1. Asphalt Mixes — Materials and Flexible Pavement Studies. These include studies of mix fatigue, moisture sensitivity, reflection cracking, performance of drained and undrained pavements, and those associated with I-710 freeway rehabilitation.
2. Concrete — Materials and Rigid Pavement Studies. These include: evaluation of long-life rehabilitation
strategies, results of the SR-14 (Palmdale), HVS rigid pavement studies, dowel retrofit investigations on US-101 and the SR-14 test pavements, studies of the physical properties of fast-setting hydraulic cement concrete (FSHCC),alkali-silica reaction (ASR) accelerated pavement testing, evaluation of maturity method for concrete flexural strength, and HIPERPAV for early age cracking in plain jointed concrete pavements. Also included are: construction-related activities including pay factors for asphalt mixes and use of CA4PRS; M-E pavement design and rehabilitation; a summary of databases containing the results of the various investigations; deep in-situ recycling (DISR); pavement management-related activities; permanent deformation response of asphalt mixes; and implementation and technology transfer activities during the 2000–2004 period.

From ITS-Berkeley Report No: UCPRC-SR-2006-02