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Investigation of Noise and Ride Quality Trends for Asphaltic Pavement Surface Types: Five-Year Results


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UC Pavement Research Center

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Rezaei, Arash, John T. Harvey, Qing Lu (2012) Investigation of Noise and Ride Quality Trends for Asphaltic Pavement Surface Types: Five-Year Results. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report UCD-ITS-RR-12-31

The work presented in this report is summary of a series of research projects, whose central purpose is to support the Caltrans Quieter Pavement Research Program, which has as its goals and objectives the identification of quieter, smoother, safer, and more durable pavement surfaces. The research has been carried out as Partnered Pavement Research Center Strategic Plan Elements (SPE) 4.16, 4.19, 4.27, and 4.29.

In the study documented in this report, field data regarding tire/pavement noise, ride quality, and macrotexture were collected over five consecutive years from pavements in California placed with open-graded and other asphaltic mixes. The five-year data were analyzed to evaluate the ride quality and effectiveness of open-graded mixes in reducing noise compared to other asphalt surfaces, including dense- and gap-graded mixes, and to evaluate the pavement characteristics that affect tire/pavement noise. The analysis in this report is a supplement and update to four previous studies on the first four years of data collected, which are detailed in four separate reports.

Models have been updated, with some changes in the use of condition survey variables. Conclusions are made regarding the performance of open-graded mixes and rubberized mixes (RAC-G), comparisons are made with dense-graded mixes (DGAC), and the effects of variables affecting tire/pavement noise are examined.

Keywords: asphalt concrete, noise, absorption, macrotexture, microtexture, open-graded, gap-graded, dense-graded, on-board sound intensity, permeability, flexible pavement