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Who Can Recharge a Plug-In Electric Vehicle at Home?


Journal Article

Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (STEPS), Electric Vehicle Research Center

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Axsen, Jonn and Kenneth S. Kurani (2012) Who Can Recharge a Plug-In Electric Vehicle at Home?. Transportation Research Part D 17 (5), 349 - 353

We construct consumer-informed estimates of residential access to vehicle charging to guide understanding of plug-in electric vehicle demand, use, and energy impacts. Using a web-based survey, study 1 estimates that about half of new car-buying U.S. households park at least one vehicle within 25 ft of a Level 1 (110/120 V) electrical outlet at home. Study 2 estimates that just under one-third of new car-buying households in San Diego County have access to Level 2 (220/240 V) charging. Further, 20% of the sample are both able and willing to install Level 2 PEV recharging infrastructure at the prices examined.