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Picture of Online Shoppers: Specific Focus on Davis, California


Journal Article

National Center for Sustainable Transportation

Available online at: DOI: 10.3141/2496-07

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Lee, Richard, Ipek N. Sener, Susan L. Handy (2015) Picture of Online Shoppers: Specific Focus on Davis, California. Transportation Research Record 2496, 55 - 63

Growth in online shopping market share will likely lead to changes in consumer travel patterns. In response to the inevitable transportation impacts of online shopping, a detailed exploratory analysis of shopping survey data (excluding food purchases) was conducted with Davis, California, as a case study. Davis was notable for its lack of major big-box retailers and relative geographic isolation; these factors suggest that it could be particularly well suited to online shopping. Results of the analysis indicated that income and age were associated with a greater likelihood of shopping online, whereas no significant effects were found for gender or the built environment. Online shoppers were also associated with a greater concern for the environment and local community, as well as a positive sentiment toward technology. The study results, though reflecting the unique shopping context in Davis, provide insights into the characteristics and motivations of online consumers.