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What Is It about Bicycling? Evidence from Davis, California



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Handy, Susan L. and Amy E. Lee (2018) What Is It about Bicycling? Evidence from Davis, California. Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting

Enjoyment of alternatives to driving can make up for what are often longer travel times in the mode choice calculus. In particular, studies show that liking of bicycling is a significant predictor of bicycling, but few studies have systematically explored what it is about bicycling that people like. In this paper we begin to fill the gap by first examining the relationship between beliefs about bicycling and liking of bicycling using data from the annual Campus Travel Survey at the University of California, Davis. This analysis shows that the belief that “biking is fun” is more highly correlated with liking of bicycling than other beliefs about bicycling. This leads us to our second question: what makes bicycling fun? We address this question by exploring positive statements about bicycling drawn from in-depth interviews with Davis residents about their experiences with bicycling over their lifetimes. Our analysis identifies a number of consistent themes and provides a starting point for further research to understand just what it is about biking.

Key words: Attitudes, bicycling, travel surveys