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Improvement of the Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model (GSTDM) – Phase 2



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Circella, Giovanni, Sungtaek Choi, Ali Etezady, Alyas Widita, Kara Todd (2021) Improvement of the Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model (GSTDM) – Phase 2. Georgia Department of Transportation Office of Performance-based Management and Research (FHWA-GA-21-1808)

This report details a number of proposed improvements in the Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model (GSTDM) using the 2017 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) and its Georgia add-on portion. These improvements include (1) the development of a vehicle ownership model and a time-of-day segmentation, (2) estimating and evaluating a destination choice model, and (3) investigating a mode choice model for the GSTDM. Considering the importance of these model improvements, the research team conducted extensive reviews of the state of research and practice on the mentioned topics, augmented the 2017 NHTS data with other relevant data sources, developed appropriate methodologies, and presented the results and discussed their application in the GSTDM in this report.

Key words: Georgia Statewide Travel Demand Model, GSTDM, National Household Travel Survey, NHTS, Travel Demand, Mode Choice, Vehicle Ownership, Destination Choice