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Electrochemical Li Topotactic Reaction in Layered SnP3 for Superior Li-Ion Batteries


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Park, Jae Wan and Cheol-Min Park (2016) Electrochemical Li Topotactic Reaction in Layered SnP3 for Superior Li-Ion Batteries. Nature Scientific Reports 6, 35980

The development of new anode materials having high electrochemical performances and interesting reaction mechanisms is highly required to satisfy the need for long-lasting mobile electronic devices and electric vehicles. Here, we report a layer crystalline structured SnP3 and its unique electrochemical behaviors with Li. The SnP3 was simply synthesized through modification of Sn crystallography by combination with P and its potential as an anode material for LIBs was investigated. During Li insertion reaction, the SnP3 anode showed an interesting two-step electrochemical reaction mechanism comprised of a topotactic transition (0.7–2.0 V) and a conversion (0.0–2.0 V) reaction. When the SnP3-based composite electrode was tested within the topotactic reaction region (0.7–2.0 V) between SnP3 and LixSnP3 (x ≤ 4), it showed excellent electrochemical properties, such as a high volumetric capacity (1st discharge/charge capacity was 840/663 mA h cm−3) with a high initial coulombic efficiency, stable cycle behavior (636 mA h cm−3 over 100 cycles), and fast rate capability (550 mA h cm−3 at 3C). This layered SnP3 anode will be applicable to a new anode material for rechargeable LIBs.