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Are We Getting Close to Truck Electrification? U.S. Truck Fleet Managers’ Stated Intentions to Electrify Their Fleets


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Konstantinou, Theodora and Konstantina Gkritza (2023) Are We Getting Close to Truck Electrification? U.S. Truck Fleet Managers’ Stated Intentions to Electrify Their Fleets. Journal of Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 173

Electrifying trucks can lead to large societal and private benefits for truck fleet managers. However, the electric truck market is still in its infancy compared to passenger electric vehicles. This study examines the intention of truck fleet managers/owners to electrify their fleets. A stated preference survey was designed and distributed online to truck fleet managers in the U.S., gathering 200 responses. This paper presents a descriptive analysis of the survey data, including information on the current and future market penetration of battery electric trucks. Additionally, using an ordered probit model with random parameters, this study identifies the factors affecting purchase intentions. The results showed that the purchase intentions of truck fleet managers are affected by three main groups of factors: trucking firm and truck fleet characteristics (such as trucking firm revenue and fleet size), opinions regarding electric trucks (such as cost to charge, perceived availability of charging infrastructure), and awareness of innovative charging technologies. Three factors related to the trucking segment, truck fleet composition, and truck annual mileage had mixed effects on truck fleet managers’ purchase intentions, that attests to the heterogeneity in truck fleet managers’ perspectives. This study contributes to the literature by providing significant insights regarding the perspectives of truck fleet managers in the U.S. and offering updated information on the electric truck market. Additionally, the study findings can be used by policymakers and other major stakeholders of the electric vehicle ecosystem to frame certain strategies to accelerate electric truck adoption.

Key words: truck electrification, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, purchase intention, ordered probit, stated preference survey