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Dynamic Response of an Indirect-Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicle


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Hauer, Karl-Heinz, David J. Friedman, Robert M. Moore, Sitaram Ramaswamy, Anthony R. Eggert, Paravastu Badrinarayanan (2000) Dynamic Response of an Indirect-Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicle. Society of Automotive Engineers Technical Paper Series (2000-01-0370)

Presented at SAE 2000 World Congress, Detroit, MI

Session: Fuel Cell Power for Transportation (Part C&D)
This paper examines the impacts of fuel cell system parameters and control strategies on the dynamic response of an indirect-methanol fuel cell vehicle (FCV). An indirect-methanol fuel cell system model is introduced and explained, and then the effect of parameter variations on the vehicle acceleration from 0–60 mph (ca.0–100 kph) is analyzed. Varied parameters are the fuel processor response time, the utilization rate and the fuel cell system size (qualitatively). In addition two different fuel cell system control strategies are introduced and are compared with respect to their impact on vehicle acceleration. If poor fuel processor dynamics are the limiting factor, the vehicle acceleration can be improved adopting an alternative control strategy — without major changes in hardware but accepting a lower fuel economy.