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Carsharing/Rental Pilot Project in Kyoto: An Outline of the Project


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Kitamura, Ryuichi, K. Masunaga, Y. Fujimori (2000) Carsharing/Rental Pilot Project in Kyoto: An Outline of the Project. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Presentation Series UCD-ITS-RP-00-16

EVS-17, Montreal, Canada, October 15 - 18, 2000

An EV carsharing demonstration project is being staged in the City of Kyoto, an ancient capital and a major tourist attraction of Japan. The project will initially involve about 35 two-seater EVs, which will be shared primarily by workers and visitors for business-related trips on weekdays, and by tourists on weekends. Carsharing will be in principle short-term for a single trip or a few successive trips. An EV can be checked out and returned to any of the service depots which will be placed at railroad stations, major business centers and tourist attractions for user convenience. Advanced systems will be developed for reservation, vehicle check-out and return, and fleet operation and management. Information and reservation service will be accessible through the Internet and mobile phones.