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Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) for Electronic Pages Information System


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Reddy, Prasuna D., Ryuichi Kitamura, Paul P. Jovanis (1994) Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) for Electronic Pages Information System. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Presentation Series UCD-ITS-RP-94-23

Computing in Civil Engineering: Proceedings, First Congress held in conjunction with A/E/C Systems. Vol. 2

This paper explains the ongoing work performed at UC Davis called Voice Operated Information System (VOIS) in the area of Advanced Travel Information Systems (ATIS). The aim of this work was to develop a habitable interface for the untrained user (driver), to investigate the degree to which dialogue control can be used to compensate for deficiencies in information systems interfaces. To give focus to our work, we have concentrated on electronic yellow pages context. However, the techniques developed are believed to be equally applicable to a wide range of other systems (pre-trip/en-route advice, route guidance system, etc.).

The dialogue controller is an independent unit with well-defined interfaces to the other system components. The Dialogue controller outputs a question to the speech output subsystem, and simultaneously outputs a set of syntax rules to the speech input system. These systems are very useful because there is no need for the driver to divert his concentration to the use the information system. Once this system is fully established, we are planning to use it as one of our prime user interfaces for all the prototype developments.