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Pre-Trip Planning Using Image Integration and Network


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Reddy, Prasuna D., P. Grant, Ryuichi Kitamura, Paul P. Jovanis (1993) Pre-Trip Planning Using Image Integration and Network. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Presentation Series UCD-ITS-RP-93-28

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual ESRI User Conference

Pre-trip planning systems are proposed as part of establishing information systems for Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) program; the systems will provide information on conditions of travel by different routes and are either geared towards optimizing travel routes and schedules or selecting priorities for intermediate points between origin and destination.

Pre-trip planning information systems provide travelers with current information on available transportation services. Present systems are configured to deliver data on transit service status, expected arrival times, and other dynamic information to the travelers' home or office in a timely manner, thus improving their pre-trip travel planning. Pre-trip planning systems are expected to provide direct user benefits by facilitating the selection of better travel options. They also may contribute to increased transit patronage by making routes, schedules, and other vital transit infonnation available to potential users. This in turn will improve the performance of the entire transportation system by better balancing modal split.