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Initial Assessment of Roadway-Powered Electric Vehicles


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Nesbitt, Kevin A., Daniel Sperling, Mark A. DeLuchi (1990) Initial Assessment of Roadway-Powered Electric Vehicles. Transportation Research Record (1267), 41 - 55

Wide-scale use of electric vehicles (EVs) could result in large reductions in urban air pollution. However, consumer acceptability of battery-powered EVs is limited because of the short range of the vehicles. One possibility for eliminating the range disadvantage of EVs without sacrificing their potential for improving air quality is to supplement battery energy with electricity supplied through the roadway. The costs, environmental impacts, and electric utility impacts of roadway-powered electric vehicles (RPEVs) are assessed. It is concluded that RPEV air quality benefits are substantial and that the technology could prove economically competitive with petroleum-fueled motor vehicles. Continuing research and development is needed to narrow cost uncertainties.