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Susan Pike

University of California, Davis

Publications (16 records):

Title Year Series
Brief: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Sustainable Transportation Implications of On-demand Ridehailing 2021 Brief
Ridehailing, Uncertainty, and Sustainable Transportation: How Transportation Stakeholders are Responding to the Unknowns Surrounding Ridehailing 2020 Research Report
Influential Factors in the Formation of Partnerships Between Ridehail Companies and Public Transportation 2020 Research Report
Brief: Why Do Some Transit Agencies Form Shared-Use Mobility Partnerships while Others Do Not? 2020 Brief
Davis Amtrak Station Pilot Project Evaluation: Informing Long Term Solutions to the Davis Amtrak Station Access Barriers 2020 Research Report
Brief: Davis Amtrak Station Access Program: A Pilot in a Pandemic 2020 Brief
Informing a Pilot: Preparing the Pre-launch Survey for the Davis Amtrak Station Access Program 2019 Research Report
Partnerships between Ridehailing Companies and Public Transit Agencies: An Exploration of Inter-agency Learning about Pilot Programs 2019 Research Report
The Conditional Effects of Social Influence in Transportation Mode Choice 2018 Reprint
Sustainable Transportation Implications of On-Demand Ride Services 2018 Research Report
The Potential for Shared Use Mobility in Affordable Housing Complexes in Rural California 2017 Research Report
Automated Vehicle Policy and Technology: The Potential to Intersect with Shared Use Mobility Services 2017 Research Report
Geography and Social Networks in Transportation Mode Choice 2016 Reprint
Social Networks and Travel Behavior: An Investigation into the Role of Social Influence in the Transportation Mode Choices of Students 2015 Research Report
Travel Mode Choice and Social and Spatial Reference Groups Comparison of Two Formulations 2014 Reprint
Understanding Factors Associated with Commute Behavior Changes: An Empirical Investigation from Northern California 2012 Research Report