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Literature Review on Policies to Mitigate GHG Emissions for Cement and Concrete 2022 Journal Article
Modeling Expected Air Quality Impacts of Oregon’s Proposed Expanded Clean Fuels Program 2022 Research Report
Air Quality Impacts of Proposed Changes to Oregon’s Clean Fuels 2022 Research Report
Improving the Transfer of Knowledge from Scientists to Policy Makers: Best Practices and New Opportunities to Engage 2022 Research Report
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Multijurisdictional Status Review of Low Carbon Fuel Standards, 2010–2020 Q2: California, Oregon, and British Columbia 2021 Research Report
Climate and Transportation Policy Sequencing In California and Quebec 2021 Journal Article
Biotech Solutions for Climate Report: Examining Biotechnology's Contributions to Addressing the Climate Crisis 2021 Journal Article
Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program: A Review and Status Update 2020 Journal Article
Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program: A Review and Status Update 2020 Journal Article
Status Review of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, 2016–2018 Q3 (Revised Version) 2019 Research Report
Environmental Regulation Impacts on Freight Diversion 2018 Research Report
Life Cycle Analysis of Biochemical Cellulosic Ethanol under Multiple Scenarios 2014 Journal Article
Impact of Air Pollution Control Costs on the Cost and Spatial Arrangement of Cellulosic Biofuel Production in the U.S. 2014 Journal Article
Life Cycle Inventory Development for Corn and Stover Production Systems Under Different Allocation Methods 2013 Journal Article
Modeling the Environmental Impacts of Cellulosic Biofuel Production in Life Cycle and Spatial Frameworks 2013 Research Report