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Calvin Thigpen

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Title Year Series
The Reciprocal Influence of Bicycling Attitudes, Skills, and Behavior 2019 Reprint
Examining the Effect of Life Course Events on Modality Type and the Moderating Influence of Life Stage 2019 Research Report
Barcodes, Virtual Money, and Golden Wheels: The Influence of Davis, CA Schools’ Bicycling Encouragement Programs 2019 Reprint
Do Bicycling Experiences and Exposure Influence Bicycling Skills and Attitudes? Evidence from a Bicycle-Friendly University 2019 Reprint
Commute Quality and Its Implications for Commute Satisfaction: Exploring the Role of Mode, Location, and Other Factors 2019 Reprint
Commute Quality: Exploring the Role of Mode and Other Factors Using the UC Davis Campus Travel Survey 2018 Reprint
Effects of Building a Stock of Bicycling Experience in Youth 2018 Reprint
Driver's Licensing Delay: A Retrospective Case Study of the Impact of Attitudes, Parental and Social Influences, and Intergenerational Differences 2018 Reprint
Development of Recommended Guidelines for Preservation Treatments for Bicycle Routes 2017 Research Report
The Reciprocal Relationship between Children and Young Adults’ Travel Behavior and Their Travel Attitudes, Skills, and Norms 2017 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: A San Francisco Case Study: What Bicycle Investments Have the Greatest Influence on Where People Ride? 2017 Research Report
Traffic Stress and Bicycling to Elementary and Junior High School: Evidence from Davis, California 2016 Reprint
Modeling Bicycling to Elementary and Junior High Schools with Bike Rack Counts 2016 Reprint
Results of the 2015-16 Campus Travel Survey 2016 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Bicyclist Behavior in San Francisco: A Before-and-After Study of the Impact of Infrastructure Investments 2016 Research Report
Modeling the Impact of Pavement Roughness on Bicycle Ride Quality 2015 Reprint
Results of the 2014-15 Campus Travel Survey 2015 Research Report
Using a Stages of Change Approach to Explore Opportunities for Increasing Bicycle Commuting 2015 Reprint
Strategic Social Learning and the Population Dynamics of Human Behavior: The Game of Go 2014 Reprint
Preliminary Results: Measurement of Macrotexture on Surface Treatments and Survey of Bicyclist Ride Quality on Mon-198 and SLO-1 Test Sections 2013 Research Report
Surface Treatment Macrotexture and Bicycle Ride Quality 2013 Research Report