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Kalai Ramea

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Title Year Series
Improving the Representation of Modal Choice into Bottom-up Optimization Energy System Models - The MoCho-TIMES Model 2018 Journal Article
Development of Integrated Vehicle and Fuel Scenarios in a National Energy System Model for Low Carbon U.S. Transportation Futures 2018 Research Report
Integration of Behavioral Effects from Vehicle Choice Models into Long-Term Energy Systems Optimization Models 2018 Journal Article
The Cost of Electrifying Private Transport – Evidence From an Empirical Consumer Choice Model of Ireland and Denmark 2018 Journal Article
Modeling of Greenhouse Gas Reductions Options and Policies for California to 2050: Analysis and Model Development Using the CA-TIMES Model 2016 Research Report
Endogenizing Behavioral Effects and Infrastructure Investments in COCHIN-TIMES Model 2016 Journal Article
Achieving California's 80% Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target in 2050: Technology, Policy and Scenario Analysis Using CA-TIMES Energy Economic Systems Model 2015 Journal Article
"Modal Shift of Passenger Transport in a TIMES Model: Application to Ireland and California," chapter in Informing Energy and Climate Policies Using Energy Systems Models 2015 Journal Article
Incorporating Behavioral Effects from Vehicle Choice Models into Bottom-Up Energy Sector Models 2015 Research Report
Modeling Optimal Transition Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in California: California TIMES (CA-TIMES) Model 2014 Research Report
Incorporating Travel Behaviour and Travel Time Into TIMES Energy System Models 2014 Journal Article