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Arash Saboori

University of California, Davis

Publications (25 records):

Title Year Series
Framework and Demonstration of Simulations of Environmental Impacts from Traffic on Highway Construction Work Zones 2022 Research Report
Pavement Life Cycle Inventories for California: Models and Data Development in the Last Decade for Caltrans 2022 Research Report
eLCAP: A Web Application for Environmental Life Cycle Assessment for Pavements 2022 Research Report
Prioritizing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Local Governments Using Marginal Abatement Cost 2021 Journal Article
Brief: Can Complete Streets Deliver on Sustainability? 2021 Brief
Comparison of Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption Between Complete Streets vs. Conventional Streets 2020 Book Chapter
Decision Support in Selecting Airfield Pavement Design Alternatives Using Life Cycle Assessment: Case Study of Nashville Airport 2020 Journal Article
Integrated and Data-Driven Transportation Infrastructure Management through Consideration of Life Cycle Costs and Environmental Impacts 2020 Research Report
Brief: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Opportunities for Local Governments: A Quantification and Prioritization Framework 2020 Research Report
Brief: Climate Action Plans Should Quantify Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Costs to Achieve Meaningful, Cost-Effective Emissions Reductions 2020 Brief
"A Framework for Selection Between End-of-Life Alternatives at the Project-Level Considering Full Life Cycle Environmental Impacts" chapter in Pavement, Roadway, and Bridge Life Cycle Assessment 2020: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Pavement. Roadway, and Bridge Life Cycle Assessment 2020  2020 Journal Article
Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Six Strategies for GHG Reduction in Caltrans Operations 2020 Research Report
Brief: Heavier Alternative Fuel Trucks Are Not Expected to Cause Significant Additional Pavement Damage 2020 Brief
Effects of Increased Weights of Alternative Fuel Trucks on Pavement and Bridges 2020 Research Report
Life Cycle Assessment for Transportation Infrastructure Policy Evaluation and Procurement for State and Local Governments 2019 Journal Article
White Paper on Alternate Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Life Cycle Approach Using a Supply Curve 2019 Research Report
Life-Cycle Assessment of Airfield Pavements and Other Airside Features: Framework, Guidelines, and Case Studies 2019 Journal Article
Airfield Life Cycle Assessment: Benchmark Study of a Project at JFK International Airport 2019 Journal Article
Supply Curves Using LCA and LCCA for Conceptual Evaluation of Proposed Policies to Improve the Environment 2019 Journal Article
Development of a Cracking Performance Prediction Model for Replaced Concrete Slabs in California 2018 Journal Article
Framework for Life Cycle Assessment of Complete Streets Projects 2018 Research Report
Energy and Environmental Consequences of a Cool Pavement Campaign 2017 Journal Article
Pavement Life-Cycle Assessment Framework 2016 Research Report
NCST Policy Brief: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Reducing GHG Emissions from Road Construction and Maintenance 2015 Research Report
NCST White Paper: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Construction and Maintenance 2015 Research Report