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Xiaodong Qian

University of California, Davis

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Optimizing Bikeshare Service to Connect Affordable Housing Units with Transit Service

2023 Research Report
Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Travel Demand and Emissions in California 2023 Journal Article

Exploring the Potential Role of Bikeshare to Complement Public Transit: The Case of San Francisco Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

2023 Journal Article
Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and Equity Considerations 2022 Journal Article
Brief: How Intelligent Vehicle Technologies Can Improve Vulnerable Road User Safety at Signalized Intersections 2022 Brief
Analysis of Intelligent Vehicle Technologies to Improve Vulnerable Road Users Safety at Signalized Intersections 2022 Research Report
Travel Demand Modeling Methodology Recommendations for the Link21 Program 2022 Research Report
Brief: Future Connected and Automated Vehicle Adoption Will Likely Increase Car Dependence and Reduce Transit Use Without Policy Intervention 2022 Brief

Brief: Do Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems Provide Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities?

2022 Brief

What Travel Modes Do Shared E-scooters Displace? A Review of Recent Research Findings

2022 Journal Article
Bikeshare Destination Choices and Accessibility Among Disadvantaged Communities 2021 Journal Article
Awareness, departure, and preparation time in no-notice wildfire evacuations 2021 Journal Article

Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems: Analysis of Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities

2021 Research Report
Emissions Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicle Deployment in California 2021 Research Report

Equitable Distribution of Bikeshare Stations: An Optimization Approach

2021 Journal Article

Enhancing Equitable Service Level: Which Can Address Better, Dockless or Dock-Based Bikeshare Systems?

2020 Journal Article

Bikesharing, Equity, and Disadvantaged Communities: A Case Study in Chicago

2020 Journal Article
Brief: E-commerce is Reshaping the Warehousing Landscape – and it May Impact Disadvantaged Communities 2020 Brief
E-commerce, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities in California: A Dynamic Landscape and the Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities 2020 Research Report

Predicting Bicycle Pavement Ride Quality: Sensor-Based Statistical Model

2020 Journal Article

Assessment for Health Equity of PM2.5 Exposure in Bikeshare Systems: The Case of Divvy in Chicago

2019 Journal Article

Modeling Framework for Socially Inclusive Bikesharing Services

2019 Dissertation
Station-Level Analysis for Bikeshare Activity in Disadvantaged Communities 2019 Research Report

Brief: Identifying Bikeshare Station Locations to Improve Underserved Communities’ Accessibility

2019 Brief

High Impact Prioritization of Bikeshare Program Investment to Improve Disadvantaged Communities' Access to Jobs and Essential Services

2019 Journal Article

NCST Research Report: High Impact Prioritization of Bikeshare Program Investment to Improve Underserved Communities’ Access to Jobs and Essential Services

2018 Research Report
Mean Texture Depth and Deflection Detection and Steering Angle Based Bike Pavement Condition Assessment 2017 Research Report

Predicting Bicycle Ride Quality From Dynamic Measurements and Pavement Roughness Index

2017 Conference Paper