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University of California, Davis

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Travel Time Costs in the Near- (Circa 2020) And Long-Term (2030–2035) For Automated, Electrified, and Shared Mobility in the United States

2021 Journal Article
Electrification of Medium- And Heavy-Duty Ground Transportation: Status Report 2021 Journal Article
Green Charging of Electric Vehicles Under a Net-Zero Emissions Policy Transition in California 2021 Research Report
Brief: Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles Will Reduce Emissions and Costs in a 100% Renewable Energy Future in California 2021 Brief

Brief: Local Policies for Better Micromobility

2021 Brief
Brief: Setting Transportation Network Company Policies to Increase Sustainability 2021 Brief
Setting TNC Policies to Increase Sustainability 2021 Research Report
Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2021 Research Report
Carbon Neutrality Study 1:Driving California’s Transportation Emissions to Zero 2020 Research Report
Generalized Costs of Travel by Solo and Pooled Ridesourcing vs. Privately Owned Vehicles, and Policy Implications 2020 Research Report
Prospects for a Highly Electric Road Transportation Sector in the USA 2020 Journal Article
America's Zero Carbon Action Plan - Chapter 5.2 Accelerating Deep Decarbonization in the U.S. Transportation Sector 2020 Journal Article
California Climate Change Target Setting: A Workshop Report and Recommendations to the State of California Based on the Third California Climate Policy Modeling Dialogue and Workshop 2019 Research Report
Communicating Science to Policymakers: Six Strategies for Success 2019 Journal Article
Historical Perspectives on Managing Automation and Other Disruptions in Transportation 2019 Journal Article

Mobility Data Sharing: Challenges and Policy Recommendations

2019 Research Report
Policy Brief: Mobility Data Sharing: Challenges and Policy Recommendations 2019 Research Report
State-Of-The-Knowledge White Paper Series: How Zero-Emission Vehicle Incentives and Related Policies Affect the Market 2019 Research Report
Environmental Regulation Impacts on Freight Diversion 2018 White Paper
Three Revolutions in Transportation 2018 Journal Article
A Review on Energy, Environmental, and Sustainability Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles 2018 Journal Article

Federal, State, and Local Governance of Automated Vehicles

2018 White Paper
Credits and Rebates Play a Key Role in Building Consumer Market for Cleaner Electric Vehicles 2017 Journal Article