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Simon P. Washington

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Title Year Series
Forecasting Vehicle Modes of Operation Needed as Input to ''Modal'' Emissions Models 1998 Research Report
Measurement of Modal Activity Under Varying Traffic Conditions on California Freeways: Preliminary Results 1997 Presentation Series
Modal Activity Under Varying Traffic Conditions on California Freeways Experimental Design and Data Collection Procedures 1996 Presentation Series
Carbon Monoxide Impacts of Automatic Vehicle Tolling Operations 1995 Presentation Series
Modal Activity Models for Predicting Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Motor Vehicles 1995 Journal Article
Carbon Monoxide Impacts of Electronic Tolling Operations: Two Conflicting Assessments of a Promising Intelligent Transportation Technology 1995 Journal Article
Statistical Assessment of Vehicular Carbon Monoxide Emission Prediction Algorithms 1995 Journal Article
Vehicle Scrappage Programs: Are Some Sectors of Society Paying More for Clean Air? 1994 Presentation Series
Modeling Air Quality for Conformity, Current Deficiencies and New Directions 1994 Presentation Series
Estimation of a Vehicular Carbon Monoxide Modal Emissions Model and Assessment of an Intelligent Transportation Technology 1994 Research Report
Modeling IVHS Emission Impacts, Volume II: Assessment of the CALINE4 Line Source Dispersion Model 1994 Research Report
Modeling IVHS Emission Impacts, Volume I: Background Issues and Modeling Capabilities 1994 Research Report
A Cursory Analysis of EMFAC7G: Reconciling Observed and Predicted Emissions 1994 Research Report
A Weighted Disaggregate Approach to Modeling Speed Correction Factors 1993 Research Report
IVHS Technologies and Motor Vehicle Emissions 1993 Presentation Series
Emission Impacts of Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems 1993 Presentation Series
Maybe We Can Build Our Way Out: Rethinking Infrastructure Solutions to Address Current Transportation Problems 1993 Presentation Series
Benefit-Cost Analysis of a Vehicle Scrappage Program 1993 Presentation Series
Assessing the Emission Impacts of IVHS in an Uncertain Future 1993 Presentation Series
Evaluation of High-Speed Isolated Signalized Intersections in California 1992 Journal Article
Air Quality Impacts of IVHS: An Initial Review 1992 Presentation Series