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Developer-driven sustainable communities: lessons from a case study of The Sustainable City in Dubai 2019 Journal Article
Solar Water Heating Assessment Project: Understanding and Improving Effectiveness for California Households 2019 Research Report
Keeping track to stay on track for zero net energy: Modeling building and end use consumption targets for a ZNE community 2018 Journal Article
Aligning Occupant Behavior with ZNE Community Goals and Assumptions: Quantifying and Leveraging Behavioral Plasticity 2018 Journal Article
Promoting a Culture Of Sustainability in The Sustainable City: Identifying and Adapting Best Practices 2018 Research Report
Upscaling Participatory Thermal Sensing: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Case Study at University of California for Improving Campus Efficiency and Comfort 2017 Journal Article
Are We Sustainable? Promoting a Culture of Sustainability in Planned Communities with a Sustainability Focus 2017 Journal Article
Fuel Consumption Impacts of Auto Roof Racks 2016 Journal Article
Identifying Determinants of Very Low Energy Consumption Rates Observed in Some Urban California Households 2013 Research Report
New Approach to Modeling Large-Scale Transitions to Alternative Fuels and Vehicles 2013 Journal Article
Identification and Quantification of Principal-Agent Problems Affecting Energy Efficiency Investments and Use Decisions in the Trucking Industry 2012 Journal Article
Accelerated Electricity Conservation in Juneau, Alaska: A Study of Household Activities that Reduced Demand 25% 2011 Journal Article
Short-term Electricity Conservation in Juneau, Alaska: Technology and Behavioral Change in Persistence 2010 Research Report
City Carbon Budgets: A Proposal to Align Incentives for Climate-friendly Communities 2010 Journal Article
The Broader Consequences of Improved Rural Transport: Three-Wheeled Vehicles in Crete 1979 Journal Article
Becaks, Bemos, Lambros and Productive Pandemonium 1977 Journal Article