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Geoffrey M. Morrison (

University of California, Davis

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Title Year Series
Three Routes Forward for Biofuels: Incremental, Leapfrog, and Transitional 2016 Journal Article
Comparison of Low-Carbon Pathways for California 2015 Journal Article
Summary of California Climate Policy Modeling Forum 2014 Journal Article
Mitigating Climate Change: Decomposing the Relative Roles of Energy Conservation, Technological Change, and Structural Shift 2014 Journal Article
Long-term Energy Planning In California: Insights and Future Modeling Needs 2014 Research Report
NextSTEPS White Paper: Three Routes Forward for Biofuels – Incremental, Transitional, and Leapfrog 2014 Research Report
Comparison of Supply and Demand Constraints on U.S. Biofuel Expansion 2014 Journal Article
Long-Term Shifts in Lifecycle Energy Efficiency and Carbon Intensity 2013 Journal Article
Transportation Module of Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM): Model Documentation 2013 Research Report
Three Essays on Energy Use and Transportation: (1) Dynamic Lifecycle Assessment of Advanced Bioenergy Pathways using GCAM Model; (2) Influence of Workplace Peers in the Commuting Decision in the U.S.; (3) Impact of Rapid Employment Growth on Traffic Congestion 2013 Research Report
Hydrogen Transportation in Delhi? Investigating the Hydrogen Compressed Natural Gas (H-CNG) Option 2011 Research Report
The U.S. Transportation Sector in the Year 2030: Results of a Two-Part Delphi Survey 2011 Research Report
Abating Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Cash-for-Clunker Programs 2011 Journal Article
Driving in Force: Why the U.S. Military Commutes by Automobile 2011 Research Report
How Will Changes in the Ethanol Market Affect California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard? 2010 Journal Article