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Pengcheng Fu (

University of California, Davis

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Title Year Series
Polyarc Discrete Element for Efficiently Simulating Arbitrarily Shaped 2D Particles 2012 Reprint
Comprehensive Evaluation of Automated Pavement Condition Survey Service Providers' Technical Competence 2012 Reprint
Generalized Displacement Correlation Method for Estimating Stress Intensity Factors 2012 Reprint
An Explicitly Coupled Hydro-Geomechanical Model for Simulating Hydraulic Fracturing in Arbitrary Discrete Fracture Networks 2012 Reprint
Quantification of Large and Localized Deformation in Granular Materials 2012 Reprint
New Method for Classifying and Quantifying Cracking of Flexible Pavements in Automated Pavement Condition Survey 2011 Reprint
The Effects of Asphalt Binder and Granular Material Characteristics on Foamed Asphalt Mix Strength 2011 Reprint
Study of Anisotropic Shear Strength of Granular Materials Using DEM Simulation 2011 Reprint
Project Selection Guidelines for Road Rehabilitation Through Full-Depth Reclamation with Foamed Asphalt 2011 Reprint
Fabric Evolution Within Shear Bands of Granular Materials and its Relation to Critical State Theory 2011 Reprint
Micromechanics of the Effects of Mixing Moisture on Foamed Asphalt Mix Properties 2010 Reprint
Investigation of the Curing Mechanism of Foamed Asphalt Mixes Based on Micromechanics Principles 2010 Reprint
Full-Depth Recycling with Foamed Asphalt in California: Guidelines for Project Selection, Design, and Construction 2009 Research Report
Laboratory Test Methods for Foamed Asphalt Mix Resilient Modulus 2009 Reprint
Relating Laboratory Foamed Asphalt Mix Resilient Modulus Tests to Field Measurements 2009 Reprint
Micromechanics for Foamed Asphalt Stabilized Materials 2009 Research Report
Laboratory Evaluation of the Noise and Durability Properties of Asphalt Surface Mixes 2009 Research Report
Dry and Soaked Laboratory Tests for Foamed Asphalt Mixes 2008 Reprint
Understanding Internal Structure Characteristics of Foamed Asphalt Mixes with Fracture Face Image Analyses 2008 Reprint
Full-Depth Pavement Reclamation with Foamed Asphalt: Final Report 2008 Research Report
Temperature Sensitivity of Foamed Asphalt Mix Stiffness: Field and Lab Study 2007 Reprint
Strategy Selection for DISR-Foamed Asphalt: Stiffer or More Flexible 2006 Reprint