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Commercial Vehicle Parking in California: Exploratory Evaluation of the Problem and Solutions


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Rodier, Caroline J., Susan A. Shaheen, Denise Allen, Brenda Dix (2010) Commercial Vehicle Parking in California: Exploratory Evaluation of the Problem and Solutions. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report UCD-ITS-RR-10-30

California is home to major international ports in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland, as well as the second largest border crossing between Mexico and the U.S. California's highways are critical commercial links from these ports of entry to the nation and carry more commercial vehicle truck traffic than any other state in the U.S. Given the high volume of truck travel in California, it is not surprising that there is a serious shortage of truck parking in the state. This shortage negatively impacts economic productivity, roadway safety, air quality, and public health. This report begins with a summary of the relevant legislation history on truck parking in the U.S. Next, the shortage of truck parking in California and its impact on congestion, safety, air quality, public health, and the trucking industry's productivity is presented. A summary of lessons learned, from stakeholder interviews, recent surveys of truck drivers, and parking guidance information for autos, are presented next. This is followed by an evaluation of alternatives to address the truck parking problem in California, including expanded capacity, improved information, and installation of anti-idling technology. Finally, the federally funded Truck Parking Initiative in California is described. The study concludes with a summary of key findings.

Keywords: commercial vehicle travel, truck parking, ITS