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Multistage Optimization of the Supply Chains of Biofuels


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Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (STEPS)

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Huang, Yongxi, Chien-Wei Chen, Yueyue Fan (2010) Multistage Optimization of the Supply Chains of Biofuels. Transportation Research Part E 46 (6), 820 - 830

In this study, a mathematical model that integrates spatial and temporal dimensions is developed for strategic planning of future bioethanol supply chain systems. The planning objective is to minimize the cost of the entire supply chain of biofuel from biowaste feedstock fields to end users over the entire planning horizon, simultaneously satisfying demand, resource, and technology constraints. This model is used to evaluate the economic potential and infrastructure requirements for bioethanol production from eight waste biomass resources in California as a case study. It is found that, through careful supply chain design, biowaste-based ethanol production can be sustained at a compatible cost around $1.1 per gallon.

Keywords: Bioethanol production; Sustainability; Energy supply chain; Multistage mix-integer optimization model; Lingocellulosic biomass