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Developing a Decentralized Signal Control Strategy Considering Link Storage Capacity 2021 Reprint
Improving Transportation Information Resilience: Error Estimation for Networked Sensor Data 2020 Research Report
Brief: Integrating Shared Mobility Services with Transit Could Produce Economic and Environmental Benefits 2020 Brief
Next-Generation Transit System Design during a Revolution of Shared Mobility 2019 Research Report
Design and Simulation-Based Evaluation of an Eco-Driving Strategy at Signalized Intersections Considering Mixed Traffic 2019 Reprint
Estimating Probability Distributions of Travel Demand on a Congested Network 2019 Reprint
Stochastic Travel Demand Estimation: Improving Network Identifiability Using Multi-Day Observation Sets 2018 Reprint
Sensor Measurement Error Estimation on Transportation Network 2018 Reprint
NCST Research Report: A Stochastic Multi-Agent Optimization Model for Energy Infrastructure Planning Under Uncertainty and Competition 2017 Research Report
A Stochastic Multi-agent Optimization Model for Energy Infrastructure Planning under Uncertainty in An Oligopolistic Market 2017 Reprint
A Dynamic Programming Approach for Modeling Low-Carbon Fuel Technology Adoption Considering Learning-by-Doing Effect 2017 Reprint
The Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to Accommodate the Future Conversion to Near-Zero Transportation Technology 2017 Research Report
Geospatial, Temporal and Economic Analysis of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure: The Case of Freight and U.S. Natural Gas Markets 2017 Reprint
Infrastructure Planning for Fast Charging Stations in a Competitive Market 2016 Reprint
A Network-based Dispatch Model for Evaluating the Spatial and Temporal Effects of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging on GHG Emissions 2015 Reprint
Data Dependent Input Control for Origin-Destination Demand Estimation Using Observability Analysis 2015 Reprint
STEPS White Paper: Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version) 2015 Research Report
Coping with Technology Uncertainty in Transportation Fuel Portfolio Design 2014 Reprint
Optimal Bus Lane Infrastructure Design 2014 Reprint
Transportation Fuel Portfolio Design Under Evolving Technology and Regulation: A California Case Study 2013 Reprint
An Integrated Biofuel Supply Chain to Cope with Feedstock Seasonality and Uncertainty 2013 Reprint
Accommodating Electrical Vehicle Charging in California's Power Sector: Regional Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2013 Research Report
Multistage Infrastructure System Design: An Integrated Biofuel Supply Chain Against Feedstock Seasonality and Uncertainty 2012 Research Report
Modeling Uncertainties in Emergency Service Resource Allocation 2011 Reprint
Traffic-Tracing Gateway (TTG) 2011 Reprint
Multistage System Planning for Hydrogen Production and Distribution 2011 Research Report
"Comparing Infrastructure Requirements" chapter 5 in Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways: A Research Summary for Decision Makers 2011 Reprint
Bioethanol Supply Chain System Planning under Supply and Demand Uncertainties 2011 Reprint
From Waste to Hydrogen: An Optimal Design of Energy Production and Distribution Network 2010 Reprint
Solving Stochastic Transportation Network Protection Problems Using the Progressive Hedging-based Method 2010 Reprint
Multistage Optimization of the Supply Chains of Biofuels 2010 Reprint
Multistage System Planning for Hydrogen Production and Distribution 2010 Reprint
Highway Network Retrofit under Seismic Hazard 2010 Reprint
Optimal Design of a Financially Sustainable HOT Network 2010 Research Report
A Two-stage Stochastic Programming Model for Transportation Network Protection 2009 Reprint
The role of biomass in California's hydrogen economy 2009 Reprint
The Fuel-Travel-Back Approach to Hydrogen Station Siting 2009 Reprint
Optimal Allocation of Multiple Emergency Service Resources for Protection of Critical Transportation Infrastructure 2008 Reprint
Optimized Pathways for Regional H2 Infrastructure Transitions: The Least-Cost Hydrogen for Southern California 2008 Research Report
Seismic Risk Assessment of Transportation Network Systems 2008 Research Report
Quick Estimation of Network Performance Measures Using Associative Memory Techniques 2008 Research Report
The Least-Cost Hydrogen for Southern California 2007 Reprint
Arriving-On-Time Problem: Discrete Algorithm That Ensures Convergence 2006 Reprint
Optimal Strategy for Graceful Network Upgrade 2006 Reprint
Optimal Routing for Maximizing the Travel Time Reliability 2006 Reprint
The Hydrogen Infrastructure Transition (HIT) Model and Its Application in Optimizing a 50-year Hydrogen Infrastructure for Urban Beijing 2006 Research Report
Arriving on Time 2005 Reprint
Optimal Dynamic Strategy of Building a Hydrogen Infrastructure in Beijing 2005 Presentation Series
Is Analytical Dynamics a Theoretical or an Experimental Science? 2005 Reprint
Reflections on the Gauss Principle of Least Constraint 2005 Reprint
Dynamic Pricing via Dynamic Programming 2005 Reprint
Shortest Paths in Stochastic Networks with Correlated Link Costs 2005 Reprint
A General Linear-Quadratic Optimization Problem 2005 Reprint
Acute Care Hospital Resource Allocation Problem Under Seismically Damaged Transportation Systems 2004 Reprint
Modeling Transportation Network Flows as a Simultaneous Function of Travel Demand, Earthquake Damage, and Network Level Service 2003 Reprint
Dynamic Programming and Pseudo-Inverses 2003 Reprint
Book Review: New Analytical Advances in Transportation and Spatial Dynamics 2003 Reprint