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Fundamentals of a Sustainable U.S. Biofuels Policy



Sustainable Transportation Energy Pathways (STEPS)

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Alvarez, Pedro J., Joel G. Burken, James D. Coan, Marcelo E. Dias de Oliveira, Rosa Dominguez-Faus, Diego E. Gomez, Amy Myers Jaffe, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Susan E. Powers, Ronald Soligo, Lauren A. Smulcer (2010) Fundamentals of a Sustainable U.S. Biofuels Policy. James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy

The United States is investing billions of dollars each year in subsidies and tax breaks to domestic ethanol producers in the hope that biofuels will become a major plank of an energy security and fuel diversification program. Moreover, this investment has grown in recent years. This study will assess the value of this expensive program and its potential to meet the goal of enhancing energy security in an environmentally sustainable fashion