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Future of Passenger Mobility in the United States: Scenarios for 2030

2023 Conference Paper

Passenger Mobility in China: Scenarios for 2030

2022 Research Report

Future of Passenger Mobility in the US: Scenarios for 2030

2022 Research Report
Gender Bias in Academia: A Lifetime Problem That Needs Solutions 2021 Journal Article
Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version) 2019 Research Report
Analysis and Projections of BEVs, Renewable Electricity, and GHG Reductions through 2050 2019 Research Report
California Climate Change Target Setting: A Workshop Report and Recommendations to the State of California Based on the Third California Climate Policy Modeling Dialogue and Workshop 2019 Research Report
Geospatial, Temporal and Economic Analysis of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure: The Case of Freight and U.S. Natural Gas Markets 2017 Journal Article
California Low Carbon Fuel Policies and Natural Gas Fueling Infrastructure: Synergies and Challenges to Expanding the Use of RNG in Transportation 2017 Journal Article
Renewable Natural Gas in California: An Assessment of the Technical and Economic Potential 2017 Journal Article
The Potential to Build Current Natural Gas Infrastructure to Accommodate the Future Conversion to Near-Zero Transportation Technology 2017 Research Report
The Feasibility of Renewable Natural Gas as a Large-Scale, Low Carbon Substitute 2016 Research Report
NCST Research Report: Assessment of Critical Barriers to Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Deployment – Workshop Series 2016 Research Report
Science and the Stock Market: Investors' Recognition of Unburnable Carbon 2015 Journal Article
The Carbon Intensity of NGV C8 Trucks 2015 Working Paper
STEPS White Paper: Exploring the Role of Natural Gas in U.S. Trucking (Revised Version) 2015 Research Report
The Shale Revolution and Natural Gas in Transportation 2014 Presentation Series
Science and the Stock Market: Investors’ Recognition of Unburnable Carbon 2014 Journal Article
Climate, Air Quality and Security: The Policy for Alternative Fuels in Transportation 2014 Journal Article
Preliminary Report: NextSTEPS Natural Gas Scenarios Workshop - February 2013 "Exploring Options for Natural Gas in Transportation" 2013 Research Report
Climate Change Would Increase the Water Intensity of Irrigated Corn Ethanol 2013 Journal Article
Fundamentals of a Sustainable U.S. Biofuels Policy 2010 Journal Article
The Water Footprint of Biofuels: A Drink or Drive Issue? 2009 Journal Article
Aerobic Bioremediation of Chlorobenzene Source-zone Soil in Flow-through Columns: Performance Assessment Using Quantitative PCR 2008 Journal Article