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Editorial: Notes on Special Issue Honoring Ryuichi Kitamura



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Mokhtarian, Patricia L. and Kay W. Axhausen (2009) Editorial: Notes on Special Issue Honoring Ryuichi Kitamura . Transportation 36 (6), 639 - 640

After the much too premature loss, earlier this year, of our greatly loved and admired colleague and co-editor of this journal, Prof. Ryuichi Kitamura, it was clear for the two of us that we would help to realize this tribute chosen by the editors—chosen to celebrate and honor his life and contribution to his field of study, but also and in particular his work for this journal. Ryuichi had been editor of Transportation since 1990, after earlier guestediting a special issue on ‘‘Activity-based Travel Analysis: a Retrospective Evaluation and Some Recent Contributions’’ with the late Eric Pas and Frank Koppelman. Since then he assisted and supported a large number of authors in publishing their papers to the standards of the journal, and with this helped to define the style of Transportation and to build its reputation.